Interviews — September 3, 2014 at 11:12 am

Taufik Batisah speaks about latest single and reveals details about new album


MusicWeekly speaks with with Taufik Batisah after “Menakluk Cinta” shot up to Number 1 on the Singapore iTunes Charts back in August.


Taufik Batisah2" by Sry85 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

Taufik Batisah2” by Sry85Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

Congratulation on the #1 iTunes single! What’s the story behind the single “Menakluk Cinta”?

Menakluk Cinta is about hose moments in life when you feel alone and permeated with a longing to be loved.


What’s the difference of life before Singapore Idol and after Singapore Idol?

The idea of writing and performing my own songs has been brought to fruition. 10 years ago the competition gave me a platform to be heard and for that I’m eternally grateful.


Who is your biggest musical influence?

Michael Jackson.


If you can create your own supergroup with you as the vocalist, who will be your band members?

My Dream team: Quincy Jones & Michael Jackson: Executive Producer, Paul McCartney/John Lennon Songwriter,  Pharrell Williams: Arranger, Freddie Mercury: Pianist, Dave Grohl: Drums, Jimmy Hendrix & Prince: Guitars, Flea: Bassist.


What is one unforgettable tour (or tour memory)?

I was in Korea for a couple of weeks performing with the Asia Traditional Orchestra at a few venues. It was refreshing to learn about all different kinds of instruments from various Asian countries and finding out how they related to each other.  Seeing how the Koreans are really receptive and appreciative of all kinds of music was also an eye opener.


You’ve done some memorable duets before, but if you can pick any duet partner (that you haven’t done a duet with), who will it be?

It would have been an honour to write a duet song and record it with my late Uncle A. Ramlie.


If you can change life with any other musician, who will it be and why?

It would be interesting to step into the intricate & complex world of Pharrell Williams. This is a man who creates his own trend and pushes boundaries.


Can you still remember your first live performance ever? Did you get nervous? How much does it differ from today?

The first performance I did was in school when I was in Secondary 4. I wasn’t even singing & was rapping to Puff Daddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You”. It was definitely nerve wrecking but the rush from performing got me hooked. I still get nervous each time before I perform now but few seconds after I step on stage, the adrenaline takes over.


Any advice for beginners trying out their luck in the music scene?

Do it for the love of music and your efforts and dedication will eventually materialise. If you do it only for the money and the fame, you’ll burn out fast.


A little birdie told me that you’re preparing your next album. Any scoops that you can tell your fans?

I’ll be releasing a full Malay Album which I wrote & produced this coming September 28th. There are 13 tracks on the album with some interesting collaborations. It’s been six years since I last put one out and I promise my fans it’s worth the wait.


Taufik Batisah – thank you  for your time and your music!

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