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This Sanctuary to Rock Jakarta’s Java Rockinland Fest


This Sanctuary

This Sanctuary
are arguably Southeast Asia’s favourite punk rockers. The Australian band made their debut appearance in the region at last year’s Music Matters conference in Singapore and were so well received they have had their eye set on coming back ever since. And what better time to be Asia right now smack bang in the middle of festival season! Recently announcing that they were invited to play the Java Rockinland Festival in Jakarta, This Sanctuary play alongside a bevy of local Indonesian artists and international musical gems including Gossip (USA), Utopia (TW) and Kensington (ND). The festival takes place at Carnaval Beach Ancol on the 22nd and 23rd June.

This Sanctuary’s guitarist, Ben Tan, joins us to pep up for one hell of a line up and to talk all things festivals.

Java Rockinland is renowned for putting up local Indonesian artists with international bands. Who from Indonesia are you looking forward to seeing live?
We’re really looking forward to hanging out with a range of different artists from Indonesia. One band in particular that we are excited to share the stage with is Xiruz. They’ve got a really cool sound and we are pumped to check out their live performance!

For people who haven’t heard your music, what sort of show can they expect to see you play at Java Rockinland?
People can expect to have a good time as we give an energetic show from the pop-rock genre!

What makes and breaks a music festival from a performing artist and punter’s perspective?
I think one of the biggest factors for us is the crowd participation and reaction. We have a rule in our band that no matter what show we play whether it is in front of 5 people or 1000 people we will always give 100 percent! The most rewarding thing for us is when the audience reacts well to our music and show. It is one of the best feelings for us!

Have you ever had the pleasure of crowd surfing? If so, what was the experience like? If not, why so hesitant?
No crowd surfing as of yet but I am definitely eager to change that status at Java Rockinland!

What is the most outrageous thing a fan has done for you?
One of the most outrageous things, I would have to say, is one when of our fans shared via Instagram that they had somehow gotten one of our unreleased tracks called “Scarecrow” and had made an artwork and lyric sheet in a booklet for it! We were so shocked but it was awesome that they were so keen!

Can we expect to hear new material from you anytime soon?
Yes! We have a new album coming out titled Keep talking, Please! We also have a single coming out on July 12th called “I Do”. I can’t wait to hear what people think of it!




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