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Ticket Give-Away: The SIGIT Live in Singapore



It’s been a long time coming for the boys of The SIGIT. Formed in the early 2000s, the Indonesian rockers started from playing weekly at garages to releasing an EP in 2004 to a full length album, Visible Idea of Perfection in 2007. Their efforts paid off and soon, they were playing for bigger crowds, bigger stages and a much wider audience. They toured Australia and showcased at SXSW in 2009. After those eventful years, they released an EP called Hertz Dyslexia before they settled back and prepared for their next move.

Earlier this year, The SIGIT came up with Detourn, an eleven-track release that is the answer to their fans’ yearnings. This month, they are dropping by Singapore for a one-night gig and we’re giving away a pair of tickets for one lucky reader. But before that, we talked to vocalist Rekti Yoewono about their anticipated sophomore album and The SIGIT’s plans for the future. 


Music Weekly Asia: Hello, The SIGIT. It’s great to have back with Detourn, your recently released LP. How would you describe this album’s sound over your previous records? What can your fans expect in this record?

RektiHi! Thank you! It’s great for us too because we did a lot of experiment in songwriting and sounds on the process, it was really fun. We are quite satisfied with the result and most importantly, the reception and reviews from fans are positive. We always try to create something new (at least for ourselves), while we still try to maintain the ‘catchiness’ that appeals to our fans. I guess lot of the fans are into The SIGIT for the ‘catchiness’ in the first place but Detourn is totally different from the previous album – it may sound familiar but not similar at all.


You’re heading back to Singapore for a one-night gig. What do you like most about playing in Singapore and to your Singaporean fans? What are you looking forward to the most on 16th?

We only had one gig in Singapore back in 2007. We did not drive too much of a crowd like we usually do in Indonesia or Malaysia, maybe we were still pretty much un-noticed at that time – so we don’t know if we are expected or how’s the Singapore crowd is like. While today we get buyers from Singapore on our online store or people like our Instagram posts, we still don’t know how many people are interested enough to come to our gig on the 16th. It kinda feels like starting all over again, and I think that’s exciting – an encouragement in our end, in a way.


Are there any other projects in line for the band that we should look out for in the coming months?

We’re gonna do our solo concert in Bandung on October 26th. We did a solo concert there in 2009 and it went very well, people from other cities and even from Malaysia came to see us, so we’d like to top that. It’s gonna be in a huge venue, huge soundsystem, long set list, gimmicks, etc. We’re also planning on releasing singles in 7″, with new songs and probably gonna be a split 7″ or 10″ with an other band.



For more details on the gig, click here.


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