Interviews — November 18, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Urbanscapes D-5 with Oh Chentaku


Only five days to go before Urbanscapes Festival in MAEPS Selangor, Malaysia. Music Weekly talked to Oh Chentaku, one of the Malaysian headliners of the creative arts festival and a true indie rock band formed by Myo, Naem, Jimmy, Amber, Wawa and Jack back in 2007. Get ready for the upcoming rollicking weekend and enjoy!

Oh Chentaku


Music Weekly: First of all, congratulations on being nominated for Shout Awards’ Rockstar Award. Did you guys celebrate when you found out?
Myo (vocals, guitar): I was in South Korea for a TV shoot when I first found out Oh Chentaku was a Rockstar Award nominee on Shout Awards. Felt truly humbled for everything…more fi-yah to OCK! 

Your page says that you’ve already played 300 shows to date. We’re guessing that the number keeps growing by the minute, especially with Urbanscapes looming in. How do you keep every night a different experience for you and the audience?
We have a bunch of old and new songs we’re working on all the time, so we keep trying new stuff at shows. Looks like the audiences love surprises! 

You’ve shared the stage with a lot of musicians, which useful tricks and tips have they shared with you to help out with your career?
Stay HUMBLE and keep rocking! \m/ 

Your music video for “Sing it Rock and Roll” is such a treat! We noticed a couple of local artists like Yuna, Tres Empre and I, Revival in it, too. Any interesting stories about that shoot? How did the idea of the cameos come about?
It’s hard for local independent bands to afford a good production team to shoot music videos. Once we had the opportunity, we called up friends to join and celebrate!


With the year almost coming to an end, are there any surprises you’ve got planned for your fans? Or do we have something to look forward to in 2014?
We look forward to the album release and nationwide tour. It’s about time! 

Name three things that you find necessary to survive a whole day at a music festival:
Cash, straw hat and friends.


Catch Oh Chentaku at Urbanscapes Festival on Saturday, November 23rd at 6:30pm, Urbanscapes Stage. All information on the festival and ticket sales here





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