Culture, Hip Hop — May 13, 2015 at 4:13 pm

Did Jay Z just give Beyoncé the ultimate Game Of Thrones gift?



There comes a point in every uber-wealthy couple’s life where you simply start running out of things to buy yourselves and it fnally seems like Jay Z and Beyoncé might have hit that point. You’ve already got a fleet of cars, you own luxury properties across the globe, there’s the the apparel lines, basketball teams and now, a music streaming service. So what’s next?


It’s no secret that Beyoncé is a big fan of Game Of Thrones. In an interview with People magazine in 2012, she said her ideal Sunday is “spending time with my family. No work, not even a discussion about work; lunch at my favorite pizzeria; having a glass of red wine; and watching Game of Thrones.”


That was all that was needed for Jay Z to reportedly gift Beyoncé with one of the more extravagant tokens of affection that we’ve heard of: one of the dragon eggs from the popular TV show. Why? because he’s Jay Z and he’ll do what he wants, that’s why.


In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, Emilia Clarke, who plays Khaleesi in the HBO series, revealed that Jay Z my have purchased one of the eggs for his wife. “Apparently Jay Z bought one for Beyoncé, or something,” laughed Clarke. ” I don’t know.”
She went on to say that despite her own attempt to “blag” one of the eggs, the mother of dragons herself doesn’t own any dragon eggs herself because “they are really, really expensive and really f**king heavy and serious works of art.” I guess she’ll just have to show up at Mr and Mrs. Carter’s door when she wants to have a look.