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Joss Stone admits she would rather be happy than Number 1


Joss Stone

Joss Stone, who recently played at the Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore, revealed the importance of her family life in a recent interview in a UK newspaper. Joss, who was the victim of a kidnap attempt in 2011, said, “It’s more important to me to be happy than it is to be number one in 40 countries.” After her debut album, The Soul Sessions sold over 5 million copies she also confessed her feeling about some of the record company executives she has to work with. With typical candour she says, “Success on such a level means playing ball and I don’t want to play with those people. They’re not fun and a lot of the time they’re not very nice!” Don’t hold back, Joss!! And, to emphasis how close she is to her family, she recently posted a link on her website telling her fans about “Grandma’s Stone’s” knitwear shop – an online store selling knitted clothes made by Joss’s Grandma!

Joss, who told fans if she wasn’t a singer she would want to be a midwife, is visiting Southeast Asia to promote her new album, The Soul Sessions Volume 2, a collection of true soul gems. The new single, a beautiful cover version of Womack & Womack’s “Teardrops,” is a song that literally brings a tear to Joss’s eye as she remembers a recent breakup with her ex-boyfriend. “If you love someone and they go away, you’re going to be sad for a while. That’s all there is to it. It’s not the first time it’s happened so I know I’ll be OK.”

Watch this gorgeous video of Joss’s stunning performance of ‘Teardrop’ and if you were there, tell us what you thought of her show?