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Julie Anne San Jose Hits Triple Platinum


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Belting soloist, Julie Anne San Jose has a great set of lungs on her. She also has a set of MYX Music Awards to her name – Favourite MYX Celebrity VJ and Favourite Mellow Video for “I’ll Be There”) – which she nabbed earlier on in the year. Her highly anticipated and first major music concert “It’s My Time” is the talk of the town and she is also a regular on the Filipino variety TV show Party Pilipinas. To top things off her latest self-titled album was recently certified triple Platinum – and it is only May! One can only imagine what the Filipina-starlet has left to wow us with for the rest of the year. While you ponder that thought, be sure to catch Julie Anne San Jose blow the roof off at her show this Saturday at the Music Museum in Manila. We chat to her about her current successes and dream collaborations.


Music Weekly Asia: Your self-titled album has just been certified triple platinum. Congratulations! How are you going to celebrate?

Julie Anne San Jose: Thank you! I have actually celebrated every milestone of the album’s sales status, from gold to now and triple platinum through production numbers on Party Pilipinas. But I think my upcoming first major concert is the best way to celebrate this recognition. It’s a celebration with my fans and also a way of thanking them for supporting my album. If not for them, it would have never reached triple platinum.

You have a number of awards under your belt, most recently the two MYX Music Awards earlier this year. What has been your proudest moment?

I just find joy in what I do but the happiness it brings me multiplies when people recognize my work. I’m grateful for all the awards given to me, especially those connected with my debut album – triple platinum record, and double platinum (digital single) for “I’ll Be There”. I put in a lot of hard work to complete that album and I’m proud that people appreciate my music.

Following the success and subsequent touring and promotion of your album, how do you plan to spend the rest of the year?

The year has just started, I think there’ll be plenty of time to work on another album and maybe another concert. Of course, there will still be school for me. And maybe TV show/s aside from Party Pilipinas, if given the chance to be part of one.

What would be your dream collaboration scenario?

I have always been so vocal on how I want to collaborate with my two idols – Lea Salonga and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. A production number with them with orchestra accompaniment is what I picture in my mind. Aside from that, I would also like to do an R&B duet with Chris Brown. I can play the piano on that duet and maybe dance with him in some parts of it too (for the music video).

Your Concert ‘It’s My Time’ is coming up. Can we expect to hear new material?
I have been writing new songs even before my upcoming concert. Let’s see if we can have them finalized. It’s a treat for the audience, if ever.

Any tips for upcoming artists who’d like to follow in your footsteps?
Never give up! People who know how I began in this industry would agree how long it took me before I got here. Now that I think of it, It’s (really) My Time!



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It certainly is, Ms San Jose. Julie Anne plays at the Music Museum, Manila on the 11th May and her self-titled album is out now.