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REVIEW: Immolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy


Artist Name: Immolation
Title Name: Kingdom of Conspiracy
Label: Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini

Veterans of the New York death metal scene, Immolation ignored trends and managed to stay true to their sound for more than twenty years. While other bands from the same era stepped out into all sorts of directions, under the allegation that death metal boundaries ‘left little space for development’, this band managed to create something unique album after album, always within the limits of brutality and heaviness demanded by the genre.

So it’s no surprise that their ninth full-length Kingdom of Conspiracy is as relentless and truthful to those roots as it can be. No frills and no strings attached, it is a massive amalgamation of blast beats, cavernous growls, in-your-face riffs, gut-revolting bottom end, and lyrics that explore the darkest side of human existence.

“Echoes of Despair” is the standout for its disturbing guitars, alternating tempos, and fear-inducing progressions that feel like a punch in the face. “All That Awaits” is another one to note, as it has an interesting combination between almost sludge metal like intro, and straight out fast tempo death metal. 

An album with no major surprises for a fan base that doesn’t want any surprises – just another collection of songs that respect the genre’s tradition, and wrecks the necks of the loyal followers.  



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Kingdom of Conspiracy - Immolation