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Review: Geoff Tate – Kings and Thieves


Artist Name: Geoff Tate
Title Name: Kings and Thieves
Label: InsideOut Music
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini

Right out of the gate, I need to say that I for one don’t find Queensrÿche’s reputation to be overrated. If anything, it might still be underrated, given their brilliant past and fundamental contribution to music in general. Operation: Mindcrime is one of the most acclaimed works of the eighties – if you don’t have it, stop what you’re doing now and go get it! Having said that, most of their recent material paled in comparison, throwing the band in a direction that displeased most of the fans. And more recently the growing tensions in the band led to the falling out of the relationship.

As a result, legendary singer Geoff Tate went off into several different solo endeavours, this being one of them. And what we have here is very competent musicianship and song writing, peppered with his unique voice – that seems to get better and better with age. While this would hardly considered to be metal, it should please most of the avid fans. Shades of melodies heard on past gems such as Empire spice up this pop oriented opus, that is probably more open to experimentation than said band ever was. “Take a bullet”, with a mid-tempo groove and a catchy chorus, is one of the best achievements of this otherwise linear collection of tunes. “The Way I Roll” takes it further with an unusual intro followed by a riff that would easily fit into one of his nineties albums – a time when the band was walking on some more modern plateaus. “Change” is a beautiful ballad that might sugar the mouths of those that came to know his work through “Silent Lucidity” – proper proportions observed of course.

All things considered, a great effort from a remarkable voice – perhaps one of the most important of his generation. Polished production, layers of beautiful melodies, competent musicians and good taste in music make this album a must for fans, and an interesting option for those willing to try.