Album Reviews, Culture, Dance / Electro — October 5, 2012 at 1:39 pm

Kolombo – My Own Business EP


Artist Name: Kolombo
Title Name: My Own Business EP
Label: 2DIY4
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

If you’ve listened to a widely distributed DJ mix in the last couple of weeks, chances are you’ve found yourself bobbing to Kolombo‘s latest banger, “My Own Business“. The title track of the latest EP from 2DIY4, “My Own Business” has been tearing its way through turntables worldwide with its modulated hip-hop sample and bouncy house vibes. The Belgian’s EP continues along this line, offering distorted hip-hop samples over a range of beats to slot neatly into any mix. “Whatever U Like” keeps the bouyancy of the lead, adding clicky, summery undertones – a perfect day party mixer. “Busta Ass” slows things down a bit with a more melancholic, slow step house style before the more traditional housey closer, “Dancing on the Floor”.

The EP may not be a game changer but it’s a solid offering and unbearably fun for a groove.



Kolombo – My Own Business