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Kris Lawrence Spreads His Love



Kris Lawrence is a singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and theatre actor. He is also one of the Philippines’ rising stars although it wasn’t an easy road him. The LA-born quintuple-threat was involved in boy bands ‘Simplicity’ and ‘First Impression’ (with Filipino artists JayR, Jimmy Muna and Owen Amurano) before giving his music career the quits. After leaving his three day-jobs he decided to leave everything behind and strike it big in the Philippines, and strike-it-big he did. Many may recognise him as the winner from the reality contest, “Search for the Star in a Million” in 2006 which catapulted him to instant stardom. Fast forward seven years and he is signed to the GMA Network with a host of albums under his belt and is also a regular on the variety show, Party Pilipinas.

Kris joins us to talk about his latest album, Spread the Love and the possible effects of being named the Sexiest Man of 2013.

Music Weekly: Kris Lawrence, you are in the running of becoming Starometer’s next Sexiest Man of 2013. How do you feel? How would a label like that enhance your career?
Kris Lawrence: I feel honored (laughs). I think it would definitely be a plus for my career. Hopefully it will introduce my name and my music to a broader audience.

Your third studio album Spread the Love was just released. How would you describe it in comparison to your older albums?
This by far is my favorite album. I worked the hardest on this one because I wrote and arranged most of it. A lot of the things I went through over the years I wrote about: heartbreaks, love, good times, and definitely a lot of lessons learnt. It’s my blood, sweat, and tears in the form of music.

How long did it take to produce this album from its inception?
I have songs on this album I wrote back in 2007, so about four and a half years (laughs).

How has signing with the GMA-empire progressed your career?
GMA network has given me great opportunities and has kept me really busy with work. With GMA Records, it’s a little early to say because this is my first project with them. But during the production of the album they were always following up my progress and now we’re discussing promo plans. So far, so good. I’m hoping for the best.

Is there a noticeable difference in ‘breaking’ the Filipino market and the US market?
Well, I wouldn’t really say that I’ve broken the US market. It’s still an ultimate dream of mine.



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