Culture, Indie / Alternative, Releases — May 15, 2013 at 4:46 pm

Listen to White Shoes’ new single ‘Tam Tam Buku’


WSATCC Tam Tam Buku

‘Tam Tam Buku’ is the first single of White Shoes & The Couples Company’s upcoming album entitled “White Shoes & The Couples Company Menyanyikan Lagu2 Daerah” (WSATCC singing Traditional/Folk Songs). The six-piece retro-pop band from Jakarta imparts traditional Indonesian songs, adding their special hearty blend for the delight of their audiences.

‘Tam Tam Buku’ is the title of the song in Betawi dialect – the native language from Jakarta, but it’s also called ‘Trang Trang Kolantrang’ in Sundanese – the native language from West Java, and ‘Chock Chock Kundong’ in Malaysian. 

 Listen here: