Lists — December 3, 2013 at 5:48 pm

The 5 Funniest Wrecking Ball Parodies


Sifting through the thousands (perhaps even millions?) of questionable Wrecking Ball parodies can be a time-consuming task. Many videos of men in red lipstick and white panties writhing around on yoga balls will accost the eyes. Fortunately enough for you, the hard work has been done for you, so sit back and enjoy a laugh with a shortlist of the best five Wrecking Ball parodies.

Wrecking Ball Parodies

5. Wrecking Ball (Bella the cat)
A fluffy star in this video but we can’t help feeling a slightly unwilling participant.


4. Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette version)
Because these strangers on chatroulette were accosted by a scantily clad hairy man and their responses were recorded. 1:20 is a highlight.


3. Wrecking Ball (Screaming goat version)
Short but brilliant. We’re waiting for the extended version.

2. Wrecking Ball (Workout)
It is slightly unclear how or why this is a parody of Wrecking Ball, but we’re not complaining. 

1. Wrecking Ball (Hedgehog parody)
There’s clearly no competition for number 1. You can’t beat an obese hedgehog licking its lips in time to the beat and cavorting with a hammer. We think this little guy should have his own channel.