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EDM’s biggest earners – The top 10 highest paid DJs on earth


They’re the biggest stars in the EDM world and you won’t believe how much money they make. We count down the top 10 earners across 2014.


10) Hardwell – $13 million


A relentless touring schedule saw one of the EDM world’s most exciting producers bring in the big bucks in 2014. Holding the position as the #1 Ranked DJ acording to DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll, his huge scale performances as part of his ‘I am Hardwell’ tour have electrified audiences worldwide and secured him a spot in the best paid list for 2014.


9) Deadmau5 – $16 million


Canadian progressive house producer Deadmau5, with his trademark mouse costume played a fraction of the shows of others on this list but he made sure they were wildly lucrative festival slots earning him in excess of half a million dollars for a set. Not bad for a couple of hours work!



8) Skrillex – $16.5 million


With his distinctive style and trademark glasses, Skrillex has become the posterboy for EDM music. Whilst his latest album Recess didn’t come close to achieving the stratospheric heights of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, the six time Grammy winner doesn’t need to worry so much about album sales when he’s making this sort of money from live performances.


7) Kaskade – $17 million


It’s been a long road for Ryan Raddon, better known by his stage name Kaskade. After years of relative anonymity, Kaskade broke through in 2011, with DJ Mag placing him at number 30 in their Top 100 DJ Poll.  After 10 albums across 12 years, Kaskade is now enjoying the fruits of his labor, performing main stage at Coachella festival


6) Zedd – $21 million


The 24-year-old protégé of Skrillex is now earning more than his mentor thanks to a rapidly escalating appearance fee and a knack for fusing pop and EDM sounds in a unique manner. His production with pop stars like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have helped cement his spot amongst dance’s top earners for 2014.


5) Afrojack – $22 million


Dutch superstar Afrojack dropped his much anticipated debut album to critical acclaim in 2014 and smashed out 150 shows in a calendar year. Besides his music Nick van de Wall has some lucrative endorsement deals with Nike and G-Star RAW where he finds time to produce his own line of clothing.


4) Steve Aoki – $23 million


After playing a mind numbing 277 shows in 2014, it’s easy to see how Steve Aoki managed to land a place in the top 5. But it’s not just a penchant for getting people to put their f**king hands up, throwing cakes and crowd surfing in an inflatable dinghy that has got him there. The bearded one is also a savvy businessman, owning Dim Mak records and landing endorsement deals with Bud Light, Scion and (somewhat inexplicably) Guitar Centre.


3) Tiesto – $28 million (tied)


It seems a lifetime ago that Tiesto was producing underground trance music, but his commitment to the craft of producing tracks and DJing has paid off. Thanks to an incredibly lucrative residency with Las Vegas superclub Hakasan, tthe #2 grossing nightclub in the United States, Tiesto earned himself a whopping $28 million in the past 12 months.


3) Avicci – $28 million (tied)


Avicii is in the enviable position of having earned more millions in a single year than his age. The 24 year old Swedish native notched up an incredibly successful year on the back of his 2013 debut album True which included the infectiously danceable singles Wake Me Up and Hey Brother. 2014 wasn’t all roses for the young star though, with ailing health meaning he had to cancel a slew of shos towards the back end of last year.


2) David Guetta – $30 million


This former Parisian club manager still spends way more time in clubs than any 47 year old should. And why not? Since breaking through into mainstream consciousness in 2009, Guetta has unleashed a string of hits and maintained a relentless touring schedule which has helped him achieve his current level of fame and fortune in 2014.


1) Calvin Harris – $66 million


Romantically linked with the world’s biggest pop star Taylor Swift, collaborating with superstars like Rihanna and Ke$ha and headlining festivals like Coachella – it is easy to forget that once Calvin Harris was one of the common people just like us. Born Adam Richard Wiles, Harris’ first job was stacking shelves at a grocery store.


Info courtesy Forbes