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6 Fun Facts About Taeyang From BigBand


Taeyang and his group, Big Bang, were recently thrilling their homeland fans in Korea with three spectacular live shows. We have done some research to find out some amazing facts we don’t think you knew about Taeyang.

Facts About Taeyang

  • The 25yr old singer is 1.61 metres high, which coincidentally is the same height as an adult Eland Antelope, the second biggest antelope in the world.  


  • Taeyang was born on 18th May 1988. If he had never cut his hair since the day he was born it would be 3.745 m. today. It’s also the 138th day of the year – 138 is a sphenic number, the sum of four consecutive primes (29 + 31 + 37 + 41). On the same day as Taeyang was born, Daws Butler, who provided the cartoon voice of Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound, died aged 71.
On the day Taeyang was born, Yogi Bear died. They shared similar dance moves.

On the day Taeyang was born, Yogi Bear died. They shared similar dance moves.

  • Taeyang’s real name is Dong Young-bae. Taeyang means ‘Sun’ in Korea and he has struck with the theme. His first solo mini-album was called ‘Hot’ and and his first full album was called ‘Solar’. Plus, one of Big Bang’s albums was called “Hot Issue”. Taeyang obviously has a very sunny outlook on life!


  • Taeyang’s first appearance on a single was  on ‘A-Yo’ by YG band, Jinusean. Jinu, one half of the band, used the money he earnt from music to buy shares in his label YG Entertainment, which were valued at over $2,000,000!! Watch the video on YouTube and try to spot Taeyang: 

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.51.55

  • Taeyang can speak English and Japanese plus he can play piano, guitar and drums. However, he has some way to go before he beats Mr. Zhang Shimin from Quanjiao County, China. He holds the world record for being the person who played the most types of instruments in the world. He could play a total of 41 kinds of instruments, which included piano, cello, trombone, clarinet, urheen, Morin khuur, and lute, it set the world record granted by the world Record Association 


  • Taeyang didn’t record any solo material for three years but when he eventually released his ‘comeback’ single “Ringa Linga” it went straight to Number One in Korea, plus featured highly in the Music Weekly Top 30 charts. The dance routine in the video spawned hundreds of look-a-like videos on YouTube but the most spectacular was this “Taekwondo” version performed by the K-Tigers.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 12.54.48