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Live review: Aerosmith in Singapore

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May 25th, 2013
Gardens By The Bay, Singapore
Reviewed by: Scott Murphy


They must drink the devil’s potion. Or rock gives them the breath of life.

Or maybe it was their debut in Singapore at Gardens By The Bay—before 10,500 exuberant fans sweltering in the nighttime heat—that gave them a shot of renewed vigor.

Then again, it could have been the full moon, which Steven Tyler referenced several times in revered tones.

Whatever the case, Aerosmith absolutely ROCKED last Saturday, playing a career spanning 18 song two hour set that had rockers and hippies, teens and their Moms, newbies and concert vets alike enthralled.

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Sure, complainers could remark about how they had to wait an hour and a half past the 8pm start time, sit through the adequate if unremarkable opening UK act Euphoria Audio and moan about the amount of MTV-era hits the group trotted out (“Crying”, “Ragdoll” and “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” all made appearances).

But it was their 70s era material that really popped during the show. “Draw The Line” sizzled, “No More No More” sounded as if Toys In The Attic was released yesterday, “Dream On” sent chills down the spine and a surprise cover of “Come Together” was menacing.

And yes, one could say that Tom Hamilton’s absence was felt—because it was—even though he was ably replaced by Joe Perry Project vet David Hull. One could also make a case that following his stint on American Idol, Tyler’s constant preening in oversized sunglasses and fashionable rags borders on parody.

Yet there was no denying the group’s constant energy as Joe Perry and Tyler constantly strode up and down the stage walkway amidst a pit of pleased fans. Perry and Brad Whitford’s dual guitars sounded muscular, thick and funky whether going deep into the catalog or offering up “Oh Yeah”, the group’s sole ode to new album Music From Another Dimension.

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“Do you want to hear the old shit or the new shit?” Tyler barked at one point. The answer was clear: “old shit!” So they obliged with “Last Child”, a new take on “Walk This Way” (featuring YouTube Fan Fest celeb and Japanese beatboxer Hikakin) and spine tingling, note-perfect renditions of encores “Dream On” and “Sweet Emotion”.

Throughout, Tyler hit the impossible high notes with a vengeance, Perry rifled through his endless bag of riffs with ease (and sang a powerful bluesy version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Stop Messin’ Around) and drummer Joey Kramer showed why he’s still the underrated backbone of the group.

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Aerosmith might have spent the week as a guest of Starcount’s inaugural social media awards show, but by the end of it they were showing why they’re still one of rock’s best veteran acts.

Tyler’s still one of the world’s best front men. Perry’s still one of music’s best guitarists. And when they decide to dig deep into their catalog, Aerosmith are still dangerous.

And for Singapore, the mutual love affair might have begun after all these years. As for the rest of Asia, here’s hoping the Aerosmith train keeps a rolling…


By Scott Murphy


Scott Murphy is Head Writer at SIREN FILMS – a HK based independent production and creative house. Find him on Twitter: @scottkmurphy.