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LIVE REVIEW: The xx Live in Singapore 2013

The xx live in Singapore © Marcus Lin for Now/Live

The xx live in Singapore © Marcus Lin for Now/Live

The xx 
August 2, 2013
The Star Theater, Singapore
Reviewed by: Dinah Amira 

It is amazing how a band like The xx has the ability to blow the minds of many fans with their music alone. Due to an overwhelming response, the promoters, Now/Live thankfully managed to arrange an additional date on Thursday, the day before their sold-out original show. Gracing the stage alongside Florence and the Machine back in 2010, The xx returned to Singapore at the Star Theater for two nights last Thursday and Friday. While it’s not a common venue to hold an indie concert, once you pass through The Star Theater’s doors, the whole ambience was simply exuberant. With over 5,000 seats, it was a full house for both nights, and the perfect venue for The xx.

One wouldn’t need to have a look at the stage to know if the band was coming out. You could already tell by the loud exhilarating screams, and the sight of fans trotting their way to the front of the stage in the hopes of getting the closest to the beloved trio. The band hesitated no further and opened the night with “Try”, from their sophomore album.

The chemistry between Romy Madley-Croft and Oliver Sim on stage was so tangible that it made the audience magnetized during their hour-long set. Romy, with her mesmerizing mellow voice, made everyone swoon with each song she sang, while Oliver, with his smooth and sleek moves, seemed as if he was hypnotized with each word he sang and each note he strummed. Not forgetting the backbone of the band, Jamie Smith, better known as Jamie xx, completed remarkable mixes and beats with his magical hands.

The British trio performed a total of 17 songs, all of which were a fair mix from both their released albums, xx and Coexist. It was relatively difficult to distinguish the sound from their live performance and the album versions. The vocals by Romy and Oliver sounded so similar to their albums that it was a little freaky, but at the same time very impressive.

There were even exquisite laser lights during five particular songs: “Night Time”, “Swept Away”, “Infinity” and the encore songs, “Intro” and “Angels”. The lasers were so bright that ended up quite blinding for some, but they complemented really well with the dimly lit Star Theater. The chosen tracks for the encore were the perfect two songs to end the electrifying night. You could literally hear the whole theater singing along enthusiastically to Angels. When the band gave their last bow, which officially marked the end of the night, you could somehow feel many hearts dropping. If only the night could have last forever…

What more, with an acclaimed band like The xx, who would want to miss the opportunity to catch the Mercury Prize Winners live? It was nothing short of amazing, though the hour set could have been longer. The xx delivered a stellar performance that would be etched in the minds of the audience for a long time.



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