Culture, Live Reviews — July 23, 2013 at 11:55 am

LIVE REVIEW: Zebra Music Festival, Shanghai


The annual Zebra Music Festival (ZMF) took place in Shanghai’s Jinshan Beach between July 19 and 21. Over 100,000 festival-goers indulged in pure entertainment during the three days of the music event, accompanied with sunshine, beach, and the ocean.

The ZMF had three different stages: the Heaven, Earth and Ocean stages. Bands and artists performing on the Earth stage, included famous Taiwanese artist Elva Hsiao, Hong Kong pop singer Khalil Fong, Singapore artist YiDa, Taiwan groups JPM and Popu lady, Swedish band The Deer Tracks, and SPACEPIMPS from the US, as well as a bunch of emerging bands from China Mainland such as Shanghai native band Plastic Chocolate, GALA, ZINA PUNX, Xiao Pi, Yu Guo and Yi Shi. A few Korean bands were added to this year’s line-up, including K-pop boy band ZE:A Five who certainly came out as a surprise and proved to be the climax of the night.

No matter who was playing on the Earth stage or how many fans came for a particular band, the audience was always 100% present, cheering loudly and applauding soundly: the obvious spirit of Zebra Music Festival. Although the performances were unexpectedly interrupted by heavy rain, the artists did their best to complete their performances and fans huddled under the stage’s canopy.

The Heaven stage showcased interactive activities and themed shows, including ‘Zebra Star’ and the campus band competition ‘Campus Starting Line’. The Ocean stage had more of an electronic music-focus, with famous DJs.

All in all, the artists and bands were undoubtedly enthusiastic about the festival, its organization, incomparable atmosphere and vibrant audience.

Differing from other music festivals, ZMF emphasizes on young bands and artists that enrich the concept and meaning of the festival. The aim is to offer the freshest voices and artists to the audience. To mention a few acts, Xiao Pi’s guitar performance, The Hornor’s electronic rock or Yi Shi’s country music gave the festival a dazzling appeal.

It would be wrong of us to not mention the non-musical activities available on the beach: matchmaking events, beach soccer, a salsa party plus even more beach sports and games. ZMF also has a partnership with the NGO C Nature to raise awareness of protecting the environment by engaging themselves into the charity work.

ZMF 2013 outdoes itself every year, giving its audiences an experience that honours exquisite music, delicious cuisine and delightful activities. We are more than certain that next Zebra Music Festival will be an even more splendid and abundant event. Looking forward to ZMF 2014!


– Reporters: June Hu, Fish Xu

Fish Tsui is a freshman of China University of Mining and Technology, with a major in Mechanical. He never lose faith in music. June Hu is a junior of China University of Mining and Technology, with major in English. She is interested in foreign culture, music and media.


Coming soon: interviews with Teddy Boys, SPACEPIMPS, Story Seller, The Deer Tracks, YiDA. Watch this space!