Live Reviews — May 10, 2013 at 4:12 pm

Let’s Pogo: Review of MIDI Festival 2013


There is no doubt that along with listening to CDs, live scene is the only way to strike music into one’s heart. Other than live house shows, music festivals are quite incomparable – especially the MIDI Festival here in China where you can see the biggest rock stars, the craziest fans and the largest pogo-inducing bands. We’re taking you to MIDI Beijing and Shanghai.

MIDI Beijing (April 29 – May 2, 2013)

MIDI Beijing opened on Monday 29th of April in Yuyang International Ski Resort, where 5 stages were set up for the bands to play: Vans Tang, Tiger-Song, Qing, Mini Stage and Children Midi Stage. Different kinds of music were performed there, including metal, punk, hardcore, electro music, etc.

AMORAL(Finland), Vans Tang Stage

AMORAL(Finland), Vans Tang Stage

Many Chinese bands and The Agency from France expressed their deepest support to the Ya’an earthquake disaster area. Dagon Power, a band of MIDI Music School’s graduates, played their latest song “Continue to Move Forward” as a tribute.

One of the most interesting scenes in the site was the Midi Camp Area. As the the festival site was far away from the city center, many young people had no other choice than to sleep on the spot. The organizer set up several camping areas, and, unexpectedly, the camping area was totally occupied as early as 3pm in the afternoon on the first day. The organizer had to rapidly create more areas for the festival-goers. 

The MIDI Festival Beijing was just as huge as expected. Like the band LeftRight said, “We were expecting a kind of great youth carnival.” And that’s really what it was!

mini stage-BJ

Mini Stage


MIDI Shanghai (May 3 – 5, 2013)

It was the day before China’s Youth Day (May 4th, in memory of a patriotic movement in 1919) when MIDI Shanghai opened. Tiger Tang stage welcomed several powerful foreign bands show including hard rock band D-A-D (Denmark), melodic metal band Amoral (Finland) , metal band Emergency Gate (Germany), Hogan (UK) and Manceau (France), although more into pop music, went completing the line-up. For the enthusiasts of 1980s pop metal, D-A-D totally satisfied that thirst. With the beautiful vocals perfectly blending with the band’s rebellious stage presence, fans got really crazy.

pogo shanghai-SH

This same day, Qing Stage showcased six bands from Shanghai and Nanjing, including Marquee7, Junglewoods, Fire Scene, From the Red, Blue Magpie, Tree.

On the second day, Zi Yue, a famous old rock band in China, brought their new material to MIDI. Both tracks called “Porcelain” and “Panda” are Zi Yue’s trademark. The band found their own way to explain their philosophy of rock, and keep sharing it with their fans. After their show, Subs, Paradise, Ordnance, and other famous Chinese Rock bands enhanced the stage, and made the crowd reach a new climax.

Subs (China), Tang Stage

Subs (China), Tang Stage

As the finale of MIDI Fest’s second day, Escape Plan played their famous song, “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” to which all fans sang along, raised their hands, held their cellphones up, and moved along the rhythm, creating an ocean of *digital* stars.

On the third day, trash metal band Suffocate, Long Shen Dao (which has been awarded serveral times by MIDI), as well as new-metal representative Twist Machine, got good praise from the crowd.

The Yuan Stage (Electronic Music Stage) highlighted how fashionable and trendsetter Shanghai is getting, in China and in the world. Ben Huang, Sulumi, Steven Lorenz, John Yang and other artists from different countries performed in front of a happy – and of course, trendy – crowd. 

John Yang (China), Yuang Stage

John Yang (China), Yuang Stage

As long as we are with have music, we are not lonely because there is always someone like us who loves music as much we do. GaoHu, the vocalist of famous Chinese Rock band Miserable Faith said: “Let’s move forward with [our] dreams.” Just like the title of their song, “Don’t Stop My Music”, MIDI Festival will create another big wave in Shenzhen (May 17 – 19, 2013), another big city in South China. See you there!

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