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LIVE REVIEW: CHVRCHES Live in Melbourne 2013


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August 5, 2013
Corner Hotel, Melbourne 
Reviewed by: Jarrod Macartney 

CHVRCHES are certainly the hype band of 2013. The fact that they have sold out three shows in Australia before their debut album has hit the shelves prove any doubt. The Scottish trio makes their presence on stage to a massive roar from the Melbourne crowd as they kick things off with the song that first had them on the indie radar, “Lies”.

It is not long before the band plays material from their popular Recover EP. The softer sounds of “Now Is Not the Time” bring a bit of a more intimate setting. The lovely and tiny Lauren Mayberry gets some company on vocals from fellow member Martin Doherty, who shows a high level of enthusiasm with every lyric. In between the synth-pop tunes, Mayberry drinks from her cup of tea but jokingly ensures the crowd that if anyone asks, it is just vodka to keep her sniffles away. During the band’s 45-minute set, Mayberry also admitted that Aussie TV soap opera Neighbours brought on her first “funny feelings” as a teenage girl when she laid her eyes on the Aussie beach bodies sporting a pair of Speedos.

Something that can be a worry for bands using a lot of technology within their music is how it sounds during live shows. Thankfully for CHVRCHES, this is not a problem: the live sound is flawless. The problem for this particular gig was the connection between the crowd and the music; you would expect the crowd to hop around like they were all in one giant jumping castle for a song like “Gun” or the brilliant “Recover”, though this is not the case.

The remainder of the performance features a lot of new material from the band’s forthcoming album: The Bones of What You Believe (due September 24th), the upbeat “Lungs”, the catchy mix of synth and melodies of “Night Sky” and “Tide” where Doherty takes over lead vocals and brings incredible energy to the song (take notes, Lauren!) with his movement around stage, hinting an underlying passion of being a frontman.

After the incredible closing track “The Mother We Share” with the unique Mayberry vocal sample intro, the band announces that they will return for the Laneway circuit in early 2014 where in no doubt, we will all be singing along to their then-released debut LP. After returning on stage The trio went back on stage for one final performance, this time, a cover of Prince’s up-tempo hit “I Would Die 4 U”.

There is a lot to look forward to with CHVRCHES. If this gig is anything to go by, their album will probably be up there with Daft Punk for “Album of the Year”. The hype for CHVRCHES is justified, so you’d better believe it!


More photos of the night from CHVRCHES’ Official Facebook page.