Live Reviews — June 27, 2013 at 12:00 pm

LIVE REVIEW: Qujiang Xi’An International Youth Music Tourism Festival – Rock the Ancient City!


Xi’an, an ancient Chinese city which served as the capital of 13 dynasties (dating back to Zhou and Qin Dynasty, 1046 B.C.) in recent times, is now home to the 2013 Qujiang Xi’an International Youth Music Tourism Festival. 

Held on June 9, 14 and 15 June, the 3-fay festival was organized by the Xi’an Qujiang New Region Management Council, presented by its Tourism Board and supported by the likes of Xi’an City Wall Scenic Region Management Council, Citey Wall Tourism Development, Cultural Tourism Joint-stock Company, Tang Paradise Scenic Region Management Company, and United SX-MUSIC Communications. Ltd. The shows were separately performed in tow locations: Barbican of Xi’an (June 9) and Tang Paradise (June 14). The host was devoted in providing a platform for international youth culture exchange and youth brand activities which will bring more influence in the future on local youth music development.

During the festival’s first day, Mushroom Stage gave an impressive opening. DJ OUYANG, DJ MICKEY ZHANG, DJ ALEXIA (BR), DJ BLACKIE (UK), DJ OSHI (FR), DJ DENNIS (NL) got together and hit the ancient wall with modern and electric notes. Closing the night was DJ Dennis, who certainly raised the atmosphere up. After the show, he sincerely wished he could be back and play again in Xi’an.

The following weekend and on the festival’s second night is the Night of Campus Rock. On the campus band stage in Tang Paradise, bands selected from Xi’an’s local universities like BonelessPlastiCardJump Goat, Deep Sea and Air Muscle presented their best performance. University students crowded into groups to support the band of their own university. The local leading band BlackHead played as guest  whose music has the character of Shanxi Opera, mixing it with modern rock which creates a new spirit. 

ShowCase opened on the next and last day, and featured lots of famous Chinese and Foreign bands. Gala, one of the most popular young bands in China,  sang with the crowd with their famous piece “Young For You”. Meanwhile, NaMo, the band with tracks like “I AM YOUR KING KONG” and “GOOD GOOD STUDY DAY DAY UP” that are widely popular with Chinese students led the crowd to dance the Little Brother Dance. Fowatile from France performed their virgin show in Xi’an, while GOGOSTAR from Korea transformed the scene into a disco world with their disco punk rock tunes.

Along with this music festival, Xi’an’s municipal government provided some of these good campus bands chances to go to Korea for the Asian and Pacific music forum, ApaMM. This will help bring more talented and skillful people for China’s music industry, and in this way, they can share Chinese Music to the rest of the world.

2013 Qujiang Xi’an International Youth Music Tourism Festival, with the sense of mission in culture and music transmission, will bring more fests into this ancient city as well as multiple youth culture programs launched in Xi’an this summer. Let’s wait and see!