Live Reviews — May 3, 2013 at 7:12 pm

Music Never Stops: Impression on Strawberry Music Festival


The three-Day-Carnival Strawberry Music Festival just ended – everyone should be back on their desks to work today, but you can still find some folks posting photos and writing about their impressions on the said event in It seems like the music is still spinning in everyone’s heads.

Strawberry Music Festival’s stages were separated according to music style. The major stage is Strawberry and Modern Sky where the host and most of the major artists are. The likes of Mr. Chelonian, Peng Tan, Lure, Queensea Big Shark, Ma Tiao, Omnipotent Youth Society, and Re-TROS had great performances on the stage. Modern Sky also invited Travis (UK) and Lenka (AU) who closed off the show on the first and second day. On the last day though, the new Godfather of Chinese Rock, Xie Tian Xiao got to close the festival by performing to thousands of people standing on the hillside, waving their hands and singing along to the rhythm and melody.

The second large stage is the Love Stage. Glow Curve, Snapline, Reflector and Joanna Wang (TW) impressed most of the audience on the first day while Twisted Machine, Luo Qi and Second Hand Rose got most of the applause on the second day. Notably, one of the bands, Shan Ren, showcased an interesting kind of music. As they were from Yun Nan province, the band’s music concept is influenced from the music that originated from the very southwest of China, which is mostly composed of national minorities. They mix their original music with factors of Reggae, Rock and Ska and was able to make something that resembles World Music. Their live performance is very inviting, making its audience yearn to take a moment to lay on the grass and breathe the fresh air.

Over at the School Stage, Modern Sky selected some good school bands to play. Though the stage is not the major one, it provided a stage for the students to perform and celebrate their own shows. The Overdrive Stage (shown below) and is no doubt the most rockin’ stage of all. Here is Army Jade Kirin making everyone in the crowd bop their heads along.

Strawberry Music Festival is not only a fest for music, it is also a fest for fashion and art. At the Show Stage, fashion shows are held as an interval between artist performances. Models dressed in the latest fashionable clothes danced on the stages. At the field, various booths with different topics are set up in the park. Festival goers can visit the booth and get little gifts there. So no matter who you are – a steady rock fan, a fashionable babe or simply a music enthusiast – you’re all welcome in Strawberry Music Festival.