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Review: Echosmith @ The Palladium, Bangkok (7/8/15)


Riding high on the success of their latest singles ‘Bright’ and ‘Cool Kids’, Echosmith have had their most successful year to date. They embarked on their first headline tour in the United States earlier this year and on Friday night it was time for the four piece to bring their carefree blend of colorful pop to an enthusiastic crowd in Bangkok.



Feoh Thai and Zeus Entertainment Thailand were pleased to bring talented, young American artists Echosmith to the Kingdom for the first time, giving Thai audiences a taste of their cheery pop sound. Local stalwarts Tabasco commenced the show, bringing their energetic bright brand of rock to the young crowd at Bangkok’s Palladium Ballroom. Beginning their set with a disconnected jumble of electronic feedback, the noise built to a crescendo until the steady beat of the kick drum perforated the cacophony of noise. The five piece delivered an energetic set that clearly show the diverse influences on the band with a pinch of blues, a dash of disco and a healthy dose of punk rock raucousness.

The band took a moment to pay tribute to local musician Singha from Sqweez Animal who died under tragic circumstances earlier in the week, dedicating a song to the performer. Reminiscent in equal parts Two Door Cinema Club, Franz Ferdinand and The Killers, the indie rockers completed their remarkably short set with a rousing rendition of their anthemic rock and roll belter ‘1984’.


After a brief interlude, Graham, the youngest of the Sierota siblings, took to the drums, inspiring the crowd to their feet again. Guitarist Josh, emerged onto the stage before bassist Noah joined him, cueing rapturous cheers from the crowd. The audience was allowed to percolate to the trio of bass, drums and guitar until lead singer Sydney joined them on stage and by this point, the audience was a sea of mobile phones held overhead to capture the moment so many had waited for. All dressed to the 9’s, each member of the group stood as a modern hero to the thousand adoring fans in attendance.

Immediately enamouring herself with the audience, talented lead singer Sydney addressed the audience in Thai, greeting the crowd with an emphatic “Sawasdee Ka” before launching into latest single “Let’s Love.” It was immediately clear how comfortable performing the group were, with Sydney effortlessly controlling the stage and engaging with the audience, Noah frenetically flitting about the stage like a mosquito, Graham handling the drums with aplomb and Josh seeming comfortably resigned to the role of ring-in touring musician (fourth Sierota sibling Jamie was absent due to his wife’s pregnancy).

Despite their youth, Echosmith seem completely at ease on the stage, which is perhaps less surprising when you realize that the Los Angeles based act have been together, refining their sound for the past six years. Their first album Talking Dreams was released in 2013, but it wasn’t until later in 2014 that it brought the group critical success but 2015 has solidified the group’s international reputation with the success of follow up singles ‘Bright’ and ‘Let’s Love.’

Fame and youth can be a volatile mix but one of the most striking observances from their performance is that despite growing up in the spotlight, the group seem to have steadfastly remained their humility. Striking lead singer Sydney acts as the spokesperson for the band and repeatedly thanked the crowd for sharing the evening with them. At one point she took a shot of the crowd, prefacing the moment by saying “Thank you so much. You’ve made tonight so special for us and I want to remember it forever.” Later in the performance she created an unforgettable experience for a lucky pair when she invited a male and female fan to join the group on stage. After taking a selfie with each of the young fans’ phones that’s sure to be a profile photo for some time to come, she had the pair remain on stage to dance as they played their infectiously bubbly song “Come with Me.’

Touching on personal experience the group completed their set with their now ubiquitous sleeper hit “Cool Kids,” taking the opportunity to deliver a message of positivity and self acceptance to the crowd. “This song goes out to everyone who ever wanted to fit in,” lead singer Sydney said continued, “accept(ing) yourself for who you are” explained Sydney to every wide-eyed fan in the place. The catchy pop number immediately had the crowd singing in unison with . Almost before the song had finished the band disappeared off the stage. The crowd maintained their applause until they came back to the stage to perform “Up To You” before thanking the crowd one last time “I want you to make some noise for yourselves, you could be doing anything tonight but you chose to come and be here.”

Thanks Echosmith, but we wouldn’t have been anywhere else.feoh entertainment