Live Reviews, News — September 16, 2015 at 1:46 pm

Review: No haze is gonna ruin my MTV World Stage!


 It was unfortunate the air was stifling with haze that tickled your nose and dried your throat, yet close to 20,000 fans were present at MTV World Stage 2015. Located in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park’s Surf Beach, Malaysia, a predictably young crowd alongside their parents cheered and shouted as the hosts opened the show.


MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon (Credit – MTV Asia & Alec Wong)


As you enter the surf beach, LED lights blazed from afar and you could hear the emcees hyping the crowd up. Beach balls being thrown in the air showcased the fun, young, energetic spirit of the crowd. First up that took the stage was Malaysia’s Most Wanted Act, Stacy who performed her first ever MTV World Stage concert. She kicked off the show with one of her tracks titled “Not For Sale” featuring Malaysian rapper Altimet.


Stacy feat Altimet  (Credit MTV Asia & Aloysius Lim)


Who knew K-Pop or J-Rock made such an impact amongst Malaysians as fans sang along to “Sekai No Owari” and K-Pop sensation all girl act, Apink. You could see the happy smiles of young teens going “ga-ga” over their idols with the watchful eye of their patrons. The sweet girls of Apink constantly engaged with the crowd to they’re best abilities. Although there was a strong language barrier, they did not fail in showing their love for the audience.


Apink (Credit – MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling)


Eyes were all on Canadian sweetheart Carly Rae Jepsen, when she took to the stage and she definitely ‘shone bright like a diamond’. Even if you are not a fan of the multi-platinum Grammy®-nominated songstress, her very catchy lyrics such as “I really, really, really, really, really like you” would have got you on your toes singing along. After all, the lyrics are really, really, really simple and really, really, really catchy.


Carly Rae Jepsen (Credit – MTV Asia & Lucas Lau)


The show was an extravagant explosion of lights constantly flashing in all directions and there was even an LED screen lined in a semi-circle that would throw out the lyrics along the way. In between performances, the screens would display MTV Asia’s social feed with pictures and Twitter messages popping up. This definitely got the crowd excited to see their tweet live on screen.


Fans at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 (Credit – MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling)


The headliner of MTV World Stage 2015 was no other than Jason Derulo, returning to Malaysia for the second time. He kick started his show with a bang alongside DJ Joe Murphy. Derulo’s energetic performance even had a shower of glittering flames lit up on stage as he showcased dance moves with his back up dancers. The talented performer caught the hearts of his fans with hits such as, “In My Head”, “Marry Me” as well as global favourite “Want to Want Me”.  By the end of the night, Jason Derulo’s performance closed with a remarkable firework showcase and stunning display of lights. The blanket of haze covering Kuala Lumpur couldn’t stop mesmerized fans gleaming from ear to ear as they left after having seen their favourite acts on stage. Bring on MTV World Stage 2016!


Jason Derulo (Credit – MTV Asia & Kristian Dowling)