Live Reviews, News — June 2, 2015 at 5:49 pm

Review: Pentatonix On The Way Home Tour In Malaysia



The curbside was lined with stalls selling food, drinks and fan merchandise. The night, hot and humid nothing short of Malaysian weather. A usual 5 minute car ride up the hill leading to the stadium turned into 20 agonizing minutes forced many to get out of their taxis to rush to the gates. The stadium, constructed in the 60’s did not factor in parking, creating a problem for the majority of Malaysians that travel only with their beloved cars. Vehicles were seen parked along the roadside, some on the curb itself and busses that stopped to drop people off did not help the situation as it caused further stalled traffic. Even through all this chaos, fans would not be dissuaded  with excited fans streaming through the doors for Pentatonix’s On My Way Home concert.




Anticipated fans were greeted with a bare stage that had nothing but a made shift staircase equip with LED lighting on each step. 2 huge screens accompanied each side of the stage like any other concert. The iconic Stadium Negara with a seated capacity of 10,000 was sized down to half its original size but did not fall short of an astounding 4000 attendees.




As the concert kick started with a mash up of songs, it became apparent to why the empty stage. After all, Pentatonix is an A Capella group emphasizing on a musical scale with 5 notes per octave. Each note representing a member of the group producing harmonious vocals. The performance featured notable songs from Sam Smith, Ariana Grande and even a medley of songs from Beyonce dating back to ‘Say My Name’ from her time with Destiny’s Child.




From the looks of it, the Pentatonix members weren’t disappointed with their Malaysian fans enthusiasm and participation when Mitch, Scott and Kirstie split the audience into 3 groups to sing their individual section of ‘On My Way Home’. The result was breath taking with the stadium echoing harmonies from a 4000 audience choir.




Furthermore, Avi Kaplan’s gifted basso profondo vocal range vibrated through the stadium providing much support to the higher range vocals of Mitch, Scott and Kirstie. A highlight of the concert was when Kevin brought out his cello for a solo performance accompanied by his beat boxing skills. The stadium fell quiet as the hauntingly beautiful sounds of the cello filled the air.




At the end of the concert, it came to no surprise when fans screamed for an encore. The Pentatonix members came back out to sing their original, ‘That’s Christmas To Me’ with the help of only the stadium’s natural acoustics followed by their medley of songs from Daft Punk that won Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella at the 57th Grammy Awards.