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3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal


Artist Name: 3 Inches of Blood
Title Name: Long Live Heavy Metal
Label: Century Media
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini


When heavy metal evolved from what some consider to be ‘70s heavy rock (in fact that’s when the heavy metal term was penned) to its definitive sound signature baked in the oven of the ‘80s golden years, it was considered over the top and too loud by many critics and rock fans. Well, my friends, that is the very definition of heavy metal. While that might not be what Black Sabbath intended when they started – after all, they allegedly didn’t intentionally “invent” the genre – it is certainly what other bands that appeared later, and that clearly flew the flag for the genre, wanted. From Judas Priest to Manowar, bands and their fans went full on heavy metal, proudly over the top, and not scared to show it to the world.

Shift forward 20 years in time, and Canada’s behemoth heavy metal band, 3 Inches of Blood rescues that very definition. Loud, high-pitched, heavy, in your face, epic – and over the top! Ever since they released their sophomore effort Advance and Vanquish, they’ve established themselves as a band to watch. They now reach their fifth full-length effort and its name couldn’t be clearer: Long Live Heavy Metal. It certainly lives to its promise, being almost an all-in-one potpourri of all things metal. Cam Pipes on vocals still sounds like a cross between Judas Priest and early Savatage (nothing wrong with that!), Justing Hagberg and Shane Clark shred their axes in the best ‘80s style, and Ash Pearson on drums and newbie Byron Stroud on bass complete the team with a mighty rhythm section.

When founding member Jamie Hooper left the band – just before the previous album Here Waits Thy Doom – out went his harsh, between Scandinavian death metal and American metalcore, sounding backing vocals. Justin Hagberg started fulfilling the backing vocals duties, but with a slightly more melodic sound, and apparently less prominent in the songs.

While “Metal Woman” and “My Sword Will not Sleep” open the opus in full traditional heavy metal style, “Leather Lord” boosts the speed even further, in an almost “Painkiller” style. “Chief and the Blade” is an acoustic ballad-like into that calls in the madness of “Dark Messenger” and hello ‘80s metal goose bumps! The tracks that follow don’t drop the ball for one second: “Leave it on the Ice” shreds hard with borderline thrash riffs. “Storming Juno” has the harsh backing vocals become more apparent, and if you close your eyes in your own mind’s time machine you’ll travel fast from the ‘80s classics to mid-‘90s “melodeath”, back and forth, non-stop, first class ticket. Well the same could be said for all 12 tracks of this album: each one has its peculiar catchy mojo, and there are no fillers.

If you’re in the mood for a juicy steak of golden era heavy metal, with French fries of whatever happened after the ‘80s came to a close as a side dish, you will eat this album like there’s no tomorrow. Long Live Heavy Metal? 100% agreed! \m/





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