Culture, Events, Interviews — March 5, 2012 at 6:30 pm

Mosaic Music Festival’s 8th edition presents “a true mosaic of sounds”


Mosaic Music Festival is a major music festival in Singapore, organized by Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay since 2005. Its originality stands in its unique format, and in the multi-music genres it proposes: 10 days for 18 ticketed shows, more than 100 free ones including intimate chat sessions with artists, plus 5 workshops.
We had a conversation with Clarence Yap, Assistant Director, Programming at The Esplanade. He told us about Mosaic Music Festival’s history and spirit, and which acts he’s really looking forward to see.

What made Mosaic Music Festival evolve from a world-music and jazz festival to a multi-genres one since its creation in 2005?

Mosaic Music Festival is into its 8th year this year. We initially started as a festival with mainly jazz and world music acts but we wanted to expose our audiences to new sounds and artists of quality that they may not be necessarily familiar with and as the range of sounds grew so did the nature of the festival. We expanded our programming over the years, introducing new sounds and acts of quality, today, Mosaic presents a true mosaic of sounds across a wide range of music genres from contemporary to folk, rock, soul, jazz, ska, reaggae and even flamenco! It will always offer eclectic and exciting programme, both free and ticketed, for audiences of all ages and feature a wide range of artists – from veterans to up-and-coming talents – from all over the world.

What kind of audience do you target?

Mosaic has become a festival that people both locally and in the region can look forward to each year. We have been sensitive to grow different music audiences, and have been thinking how we can present a music lineup that excites different people, challenges certain people, and also what more we can do to deepen interest in music – and not just in headline names.

What do you think Mosaic Music Festival’s status is nowadays in Asia? And what do you think of the arrival of all these new festivals in town?

The spirit of Mosaic will remain the same, that is, to celebrate great music and introduce our audiences to a wide range of genres and sounds. It is good that with more festivals audiences now have more options and greater exposure to different types of music. The scene will continue to evolve and so will the tastes of audiences and we are constantly mindful of this. We always challenge ourselves to push boundaries to remain relevant to the community we serve.

Which acts would you recommend us to watch at Music Festival 2012?

Here are the acts that I’d recommend:

a) imagine: a soundtrack to peace

This concert allows us to feature Singaporean and regional artists on the big stage at Mosaic not just as an opening act but as the main act. It is also wonderful to have the opportunity to work with so many Singaporean and regional music talents, writers, music director, and artists – to produce this show where audiences here can celebrate their own musical heroes, and see them alongside international guests. It’s a great concert to capture the widest range of artists in Mosaic.

b) Ari Hoenig Quartet – the chance to witness such unbridled rhythmic joy and mad virtuosity up close is priceless.

c) Speaking of virtuosity, flamenco guitar maestro Vicente Amigo – every strum he places on the guitar stirs, and every pluck moves – a true master of his craft.

d) I’m really excited about some of the musical treats outdoors – THE KOXX from Korea is going to blow audiences away on 15 March, while I am going to spend the night singing along to all The Beatles favourites in our tribute night on 14 March, celebrating 50 years since the Fab Four’s first single Love Me Do was released.


Replies to be credited to Mr Clarence Yap, Assistant Director, Programming, The Esplanade Co Ltd.