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Motörhead Aftershock REVIEW



Artist Name: Motörhead
Title Name: Aftershock
Label: UDR Gmbh
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini



Indisputable icons of Rock’n’Roll and Heavy Metal, Lemmy and his Motörhead epitomise what these genres are all about: loud (and I mean loud) music, badass attitude, drugs, alcohol, sex, parties and lots of fun. His physical body may one day leave Earth, but his legacy never will. He is immortal, and so is the band. I remember when I heard them for the first time, it was like opening the door to a whole new universe. Back then, I thought nothing could be heavier, more wicked, more powerful and more aggressive to my ears – and I loved it straight away! Fast forward more than 30 years in time, many darker genres were unveiled, but no one can match Motörhead’s attitude and approach to music.

Aftershock Review

Now at the age of 67, and even under alleged orders from the doctors to ease up on the whole rock star lifestyle thing, Lemmy plods on. His legendary band now reaches their 21st studio album, going by the name of Aftershock. It is of course another relentless collection of tracks that your grandma and your neighbours will not like – and that you will play on volume 11. The whole album is solid, as tight as it can be – after all, Phil Campbell (guitars) and Mikkey Dee (drums) have sided with Mr. Lemmy, his Rickenbacker bass and his ‘V-8 engine going uphill’ vocal style quite some time ago. Highlights go to the instant classic sound of opening rocker “Heartbreaker”, the “Ace of Spades“-style homage to the folks south of the border rendered by “Going To Mexico”, and the bombastic melodies and riffs of the monstrous “Queen of the Damned”.

Everything louder than everything else once again, Motörhead gets 10 out of 10 just for being what they are, let alone for yet another brilliant album.