News — February 12, 2015 at 8:28 pm

Beck Gets Last Laugh As Album Sales Skyrocket After Kanye Diss


Do you remember that time when Kanye West crashed Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video in 2009? You know, that time he grabbed the microphone out of the startled teen’s hands and aired his objections. “I’m sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!” Well it almost happened again but the result this time around may surprise you. 

kanye west and beck


When Beck accepted this year’s award for Best Album from Prince (who looked just like the crazy aunt you don’t want to speak to at a family function) Kanye sprang into action making a beeline to the stage and it was looking like we were in for a repeat performance of 2009’s antics.

There was a moment when the entire viewing audience – especially Jay Z and Beyoncé genuinely thought that Kanye West was about to Kanye us all over again and offer his unsolicited two cents on yet another award’s recipient.  The clip below is worth watching a few times over just to see the look of stone cold horror descend over Jay Z’s face that quickly flips to elation. Meanwhile Beyonce looks slightly less concerned about the whole affair but she can visibly be seen mouthing the words “No Kanye, No.” The guy to the left of them just looks happy there’s a bit of excitement and that he got a ticket to the Grammys.

Kanye went on to describe the incident as a “joke” but maintained that Beck winning the award over Beyoncé was “disrespectful to inspiration”. The internet exploded into criticism over the comments with Shirly Manson of Garbage calling out Kanye saying that “It is YOU who is so busy disrespecting artistry” and calling him out for being “a complete twat” at which point all of Kanye West’s minions’ jumping into overdrive on Twitter to jump to his defence, Kim Kardashian sat there grinning awkwardly and everyone else just kind of lost interest.


Ironically enough, Kanye’s diss of Beck served a bizarre purpose of drawing more attention to the performer than he ever would have received otherwise (other than winning a Grammy for Best Album that is). Beck’s album Morning Phase shot to No. 1 on iTunes ahead of Sam Smith and Taylor Swift — and Spotify have said the number of streams for Morning Phase was up a whopping 2,169 percent by Monday evening. Beck’s entire catalogue spiked on Spotify by 1,246 percent and The Independent reports that sales of Morning Phase are up 1,342% on Amazon.


Ever the gentlemen, Beck was as shocked as anyone that Beyoncé didn’t snatch the award telling US Magazine after the ceremony “I thought she was going to win. Come on, she’s Beyoncé!” and went on to say that he feels no ill will towards Kanye: “I still love him and think he’s a genius.” But really, with his albums sales exploding like they are on the back of Kanye’s stunt, it’s tough to hold a grudge against the guy.


In the meantime, I’m sure Beck will sleep well enough knowing that even if the Grammy Awards don’t “respect artistry”, as Kanye puts it, at least he can still play 12 instruments, wrote every track on Morning Phase (as opposed to the 20 different songwriters Beyoncé enlisted) and has been making hits since 1993.