News — August 5, 2015 at 7:13 pm

BIGBANG and GD &T.O.P conclude “MADE” project with release of “Let’s Not Fall In Love” and “Zutter”


BIGBANG‘s “MADE” project has come to a conclusion with the release of the music videos for “Let’s Not Fall In Love” and GD&TOP’s side project with “Zutter”



“Let’s Not Fall In Love” is one of the more mellow tracks from the upcoming full album and a significantly less raucous music video was released alongside the track as well.


“Let’s Not Fall In Love” was written and  composed by leader G-Dragon with a similar feel to their previous track “If You”, said to be “the saddest song that BIGBANG had ever written”. Fans of T.O.P will be excited to hear that it is another of the songs to allow the performer to flaunt his singing skills.


In the music video, each of the band members spend time with their crushes whilst showing off elements of their own personality and charm. The use of dreamy, pastel colours in the music video depicts the happiness of being in love, but it also showcases their broken-hearted faces after they vow not to fall in love. Ah, the conflicted life of a superstar in a major K-pop boy band….


Watch the music video below:


In the second clip released today, G Dragon and T.O.P end up getting themselves into a tricky situation in the film clip for their new hip hop track. In the video, G-Dragon and T.O.P are the protagonists in the clip, themed around a gangster and swindler story theme (which conveniently happens to be the theme of T.O.P’s film. Coincidence? We don’t think so).

The beat of the track borrows liberally from trap influences but visually it’s one of the most entertaining pieces the group has come up with, showing the pair tearing through the clip blowing stuff up, hosing each other in urine, making it rain with hundred dollar bills, freezing to death in a cool room, playing with pigs and tied up and tortured by a nefarious villain dressed in bondage gear. It has to be seen to believed: