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Boyce Avenue Tour Southeast Asia – MWA Exclusive Interview


Boyce Avenue hold an enviable world record. Their 4.4m subscribers and 1bn views make them the most successful independent band on YouTube. In addition they have released a number of highly acclaimed sessions album, which have all sold well in Southeast Asia, and a studio album, ‘All we have left‘, which reached the US Top 10. So, we were thrilled when they announced a couple of shows in Singapore and Hong Kong, which inevitably sold out. We caught up with the three Manzano brothers just before their show in Singapore.

So, first time in Southeast Asia, or have any of you been here before? What are your expectations?
This is our first time performing headline shows in both Singapore and Hong Kong! We are so excited to take in all the sites, food, people and everything about the area! We have wanted to play for our fans here for a long time so it is great to be able to finally do it!

Boyce Avenue has been so successful on YouTube, what are the key pieces of advice for artists trying to build their audience on YouTube?
YouTube is an incredible outlet for any sort of creative expression – whether it is music, art, dance, whatever you choose! It is a platform anyone can use which really is empowering.  We encourage artists to be creative, have fun, and do whatever it is that you love. Currently we are actually running a contest with YouGen encouraging people to submit their best covers for a chance to open at our London or LA show! Check out YouGen for details! Last day to submit your video is Nov 21st 🙂

You have been signing artists, like Hannah Trigwell, to your own 3Peace records. Are you pro-actively signing “YouTube” artists? Is there a philosophy or strategy behind the label?
We are always seeking incredible talent and although YouTube is a great outlet,  we know that talent exists to be discovered through many forms! We hope to use our experiences in the music industry to help other artists just starting out like we were years ago.

Your cover versions have attracted a lot of views on YouTube but now it’s your original songs that are gaining attention. Is that a route you suggest for other artists to follow?
We encourage artists to use YouTube to share whatever they desire. That is the great part about YouTube, your channel can be whatever YOU want! As brothers, we wanted to share our own message.  So the fact that our fans have always embraced our originals online and at live shows means the world to us.


You’re still independent, right? Do you think you’ll stay independent or is there anything a record label can offer you?
We love being involved in our careers as much as possible and we will never compromise that, but we are firm believers in having a solid team around you, if that means external help in whatever form, we aren’t necessarily opposed to it if it is truly the right fit. Either way, we treasure our relationship with our fans the most!

Do you know any bands from Southeast Asia you can recommend or want to work with?
We think Charice has an amazing voice and would love to do something with her someday. Also, we grew up listening to Journey and think it’s so awesome that the current lead singer, Arnel Pineda, is Filipino. Would be an honor to do a song with them or to join them on a tour one day.

What are your plans for 2014?
2014 is looking like a big year for us! We just announced that we will be visiting some of our favorite countries, along with a bunch of new stops throughout the UK and Europe in March and April.  We are looking to get some quality studio time in and we REALLY cant wait to release new original music in 2014!

Any plans to return to Southeast Asia in future?
We are heading back to Southeast Asia with shows throughout Indonesia and a stop in the Philippines at the end of December. We always hope to come back as frequently as possible!

And are you working on any new material we can reveal to our audience?
We just released a new original single, “One Life” on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. We teamed up with Pencils of Promise to release the single so every time someone purchases or streams the song, the all the proceeds go towards helping build a school in Guatemala!  Also, we have a couple new songs that we have been playing on the road and the response has been incredible! We are looking forward to releasing more new original music in 2014!

One Life‘ is out now and every penny raised goes to Pencils of Promise
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Boyce Avenue Tour : Nov 23rd, Hong Kong, Hall 8 (SOLD OUT)