News — July 17, 2015 at 1:00 pm

BTS NYC concert cut short due to alleged death threats


It began as just another  BTS brought their brand of Kpop took to New York earlier today as part of their The Red Bullet Tour. The band performed their set to a rapuous response but things went bad when someone made an unconfirmed death threat to BTS member Rap Monster (Namjoon). The threat was sent over Twitter and as a result the concert was stopped early.


Unconfirmed reports suggest the concert was cut short before the encore and the planned hi-touch event did not occur.

This is a fan video of the Best Buy Threatre staff announcing the planned fan engagements were cancelled.

Fans expressed their extreme dismay at the actions of the unknown suspect as police turned up and the band left the venue.

Details are still quite thin on the ground at the moment but we will update as more details come to light.