News — September 24, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Call of the Tiger at Reeperbahn Festival


With all the buzz that had been generated around Music Services Asia’s Reeperbahn Festival contest from last April, we reckon a great deal of Music Weekly readers would be intrigued to find out how the showcase, Call of the Tiger: A Southeast Asian Indie Night had went down last Thursday night in Hamburg, Germany. We are thrilled to report that it was a rousing success and our 3 selected bands surely impressed the crowd at the Reeperbahn! Here are a collection of images we’ve pulled together from MSA’s official Facebook page and the various Instagram accounts of Tenderfist, MONSTER CAT and The Trees & The Wild to pique your interest – stay tuned for further updates and reports of the showcase!

CopyCat captures the beauty of Hamburg! (via @monstercopycat)


 Music Services Asia’s Reeperbahn Festival sampler, featuring bands
such as GUNVER, Free Deserters, Bloodsugar Politik and more! (via @ariframly)

HentaiCat from MONSTER CAT rehearsing backstage at Moondoo. (via @psychocat)

The Trees & The Wild at the entrance of Moondoo. (via @remedywaloni)

MONSTER CAT and all their merchandise – get your paws on some here!

Tenderfist doing what they do best – making the crowd dance their socks off! 


The mystic-mythic sounds of The Trees & The Wild.


Posters from the Flatstock music poster convention, part of Reeperbahn Festival: Arts. (via @hentaicat)


Want to see more? Check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps
in Music Services Asia’s Facebook album for Call of the Tiger!