News — August 18, 2015 at 4:23 pm

Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik enter into shortest Twitter feud in history


It’s best to remember not to have cause any ‘bad blood’ with Taylor Swift. Not only does she have a crack squad of superheroes covering her butt, she also has musician / DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris to step in when things get a bit heated too.



The whole affair started when a twitter user made a post that compared Taylor Swift’s views on streaming music to those of Miley Cyrus. As you may remember Swift removed all her music from music streaming service Spotify and was very vocal about perceived exploitation of musicians by Apple’s music streaming service, Apple Music.


In the tweet above, the fan showed a quote from Swift saying that whilst absent from Spotify, fans can pay to download her music from iTunes. Underneath, there was a juxtaposed image of Miley Cyrus’ saying that she’s made enough money through her music and isn’t bothered if people buy her albums or not.


When Zyn Malik retweeted the post, Calvin Harris immediately stepped in to defend Swift’s honour in an expletive riddled barrage of tweets aimed at Zayn, which was seen by his 6.44 million Twitter followers,

It was about this point that Malik had enough and responded with a few choice words of his own:

Calvin seemed to have cooled his heels a little by this point and stepped back from his previously firey stance.

To which Malik replied

But Calvin refused to be baited into continuing the argument, offering the equivalent of a Twitter feud shattering handshake


Nawwww….now lets see them hug it out now and we’ll consider this the shortest running feud in the history of Twitter.