News, Newsletter — February 22, 2016 at 12:35 pm

Daft Punk have released their own line of 80s inspired merchandise and it’s awesome!


Daft Punk have elevated the merch game to another level and all of a sudden their fans want a yoyo more than they ever did as a child.


Merchandise is serious business these days. With dwindling record sales, the right line of merchandise can go a long way towards buffering musicians’ income and helping them stay above the poverty line. Like many of their creative endeavours, the robotic ones have changed the game, commissioning a retro-licious series of 80’s inspired advertisements for the whole Daft Punk line of merchandise and apparel. And it’s fricken awesome.


Not only is there the usual line of band t-shirts and fashion accoutrements like t-shirts and posters, the Fresh producers have commissioned a pair of super limited, 70s-inspired skateboards, belt buckles, turntable slip mats, posters and mugs. It’s a retro feast for the senses.

daft-punk daft-punk2



But that’s not all. Daft Punk have designed a simple, logo script ball cap; two Frisbees under the “Daft Punk Wham-O Frisbee” series, and a red and black plastic yo-yo, cheekly named “Strings of Fury. The limited edition skateboard has since sold out, but the rest of the merch can be purchased from the Daft Punk website.



daft-punk-cap-020615 daft-punk-frisbee-020615 daft-punk-yoyo-020615