News — November 21, 2013 at 7:40 am

Dami Im Twitter : How X-Factor Winner Uses Twitter To Build Her Designer Wardrobe


It hasn’t taken long for Australian X-Factor winner Dami Im to figure out that Tweeting the names of the fashion designers who supply her dresses can result in, well, a lot more dresses…….

It starts on November 7th with a simple, “Loving the outfit by @alicemccallptyltd!


Sheryn Williams replied, “I have to say I’m not keen. I think it’s a great marketing ploy.”

Undeterred, Dami tries again. November 9th she tweets, “Wearing a @nicola_finetti dress and @houseemmanuele cuff @heathercairnsstylist


This prompted a concerned reply by Ernie Millen. “Beautiful Dami but careful you don’t go the way of Kiyomi Vella, The Voice 2012. She didn’t make the top 4 but she was very popular and the fashionistas took advantage of that popularity by offering their wares even after she was voted off the show and now spends a majority of her time attending functions to show off labels while her music career is practically non existent.”

Dami Im Twitter Lesson #1

“Offering their wares”? Perhaps this is what sparked an idea deep within Dami. November 10th, “Getting ready to perform on Dancing With the Stars! @aureliocostarella dress and @houseemmanuele shouler piece


This was followed on November 15th – “Gigged in this beautiful dress by @rachelgilbertau


This provoked fan Kit Leong to plead, “Don’t let them dress you down! You don’t need revealing clothes to advance your career, your talent is good enough!”

Undeterred, Dami quickly changes her clothes and posts twice on the same day. November 15th – “Even had a quick dress change! Loved wearing this cute dress @nicola_finetti


By now, word has probably spread to every Fashion PR in Australia that if their clients can get Dami a dress it will get them guaranteed coverage. Here we go again. November 17th – “Dress by @biancaspender


In the US and UK a tweet by a celebrity that endorses a product or brand legally has to be marked as “Sponsored”, so fans know it’s really just an advert. Of course, Dami could be buying all these dresses herself and merely passing on the information to fans who would like to buy the dress.

November 18th – “Hanging with Kyle & Jackie O @kyleandjackieo top from @urban_bandit skirt by @alicemccallptyltd


Defending Dami fan Denise Love Andrews points out, “Dami (is) Contractually obligated to go where she’s told and speak to whoever!” Perhaps she should also ask if Dami is contractually obliged to mention whichever designer donated the dress for that day’s shoot?

And so it continues. November 19th – “Thanks for supporting me and my album! My silver dress by @_Inderdhillon_“. She kindly thanks her fans for the support they have given her. We’re sure the Australian fashion industry would like, in turn, to thank Dami Im for the endless support and plugs she has given them in the last couple of weeks.



November 22nd and by now it would be easier to mention fashion designers who haven‘t been given a plug by Dami. “Thanks for MCing for me today #nxfm Newcastle! Purple dress by @neodialable Black jacket by @caseytanseelldesigns


Fan Paul Buelens sums it up. “You’re a designer’s dream Dami, so you’ll always get a new outfit to wear for every occasion”.

‘A designer’s dream’.

It seems like winning X-Factor isn’t just about living the dream of being a star singer. While the PR dresses keep arriving Dami is making sure the fashion industry can share the dream too.