News — March 10, 2016 at 3:54 pm

Della Sol Lounge release “Spiritual Chillout Series 2”


‘Spiritual Chillout Series 2’ is Della Sol Lounge’s latest endeavour, and a follow-up to their successful series in the genre.


Della Sol Lounge is no stranger to incorporating a range of styles and influences into their music, and this album is far from an exception. Della Sol Lounge references a variety of flavours from the corners of the globe. From the Eastern-Oriental vibes of ‘Amor Com Selma’, to the Latin jazz vibes of ‘Africana’, the album plays out like a delightful expedition around the world.


Della Sol Lounge demonstrates a strong talent for being able to seamlessly blend the contrasting sounds of different continents together, as displayed in ‘Cat Fever’ – which brilliantly fuses Amazonian-esque pan-flutes with gorgeous Spanish classical guitar riffs. The opening track, ‘Skin Deep’, launches into soft mixtures of tepid keys and reverberated minimal drums providing the foundation for Kite’s signature, lush vocals. When combined together, the track slips you into a warm bubble bath of bliss.


‘Vampire Bats’, is a homage to the sounds of India’s tropical costal regions such as Goa and Kerala. Classical guitar compositions like ‘Guitarra Y Violin Relajante In G Minor’ break up and diversify the album, while also showcasing Della Sol Lounge’s prowess and diversity on the acoustic guitar.


As to be expected, the production is beautifully carved with an incredible amount of finesse and attention-to-detail which flows seamlessly from track to track.


The album definitely stays true to Della Sol Lounge’s devotion to producing some of the finest chillout and ambient music from Sydney Australia’s sunny shores. The vibes on this recording are perfect to lighten your mood creating a chilled out ambience for your next party or day at the beach.