News — May 22, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Dune Rats Bring their Party to Singapore


Dune Rats Poster

Other Sounds is proud to present Australian garage rockers Dune Rats, live in Singapore for the very first time. The Brisbane duo will be bringing their raucous and energetic live show to Singapore at Night & Day Bar, alongside local Singaporean garage pop favourites The Pinholes. The long-haired skater punks are known for their bratty, reckless and surprisingly melodic surf-rock sound, and you can expect that their live shows give ten times the energy. The boys are out for a good time, and they’re intent on giving one as well.

Danny Beus (guitar, vocals) and BC Michaels (drums, vocals) spill the beans on their latest music video that went viral and share their very modest view of their own live show.


Note: the aftermath of this video is a must watch.


Music Weekly: What brings you to Singapore?
Dune Rats: Well originally we had planned to play in South Africa and China. When someone said we are stopping by Singapore for a quick stop, we kind of just hassled them to let us play.

You guys have some very creative music videos, who comes up with the ideas for these? Particularly the Green Light version of “Red Light, Green Light” – what on earth were you thinking?
Cheers (laughs) umm well that video in particular was the brainchild of BC mixed with a previous video our good mates DZ Deathrays did. In theirs they drank a whole bottle of Jagermeister. For us, we love smoking weed so we just thought we’d do a video showing that.

Local Singaporean band The Pinholes are supporting. Any chance of an on-stage collab?
Man, if we were good enough musicians I’d say definitely but we aren’t (laughs).  I’d say we will but don’t expect anything great from our end.

What does the rest of 2013 have in store for you?
We are lucky enough to be playing in South Africa, China, Malaysia, Jakarta, Bali as well as Singapore. Then we go home to play Splendour InThe Grass and a few awesome support tours we can’t mention.

Can we expect a full Southeast Asia tour in the near future?





Aussie punk duo Dune Rats are bringing their party to Night & Day Bar in Singapore on the Friday 31st May.