News — July 23, 2012 at 6:15 pm

Go Local, Go Radio Republic


There’s no denying it – Filipinos love music no matter where it originates. A slew of international and mainstream artists come to perform in the country, month after month, to see their fans. It is with this fascination that local music has maybe gained less attention from its very own these past few years. Not to worry though, local talent advocates in the form of Twinky Lagdameo and her friends decided to start Radio Republic, an online media channel which provides its users a certified Original Pilipino Music (OPM) experience. That’s right – all OPM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We got a hold of Lagdameo and talked about the vision behind Radio Republic, its progress since its launch in April and their future plans.


Music Services Asia (MSA): Radio Republic is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Who came up with the unique concept?

Twinky Lagdameo (TL): RADIO REPUBLIC was born out of the pilot project of our mother company, 7101 Music Nation, the Elements National Singing-Songwriting Camp where we audition 60 aspiring singer-songwriters from all over the country. They were then mentored by two dozen of the best artists in the local industry. Seeing how the industry and music scene had evolved where record labels were no longer signing talent and it was difficult to get OPM played on traditional radio, we realized that there was no point in developing talent if they were not going to be seen or heard. So, we conceptualized Radio Republic as a way to further continue supporting new and established Filipino Artists.  Unlike other music sites and internet radio/TV stations, we are devoted solely to OPM (Original Philippine Music) whatever genre it may come out in: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, RnB, Electronic, Folk, world, Jazz, etc. 


MSA: How has Radio Republic evolved since it started last April? 

 TL: We have only been operational for two and half months but we have seen how it has progressed. Our self-produced shows remain to be our main focus but we have gotten more involved in the social media side of things and worked to create a more consistent and tighter music playlist. We are now working hard for our New Music show concept called “The Goods” wherein we showcase the new music coming from both established and up-and-coming artists. Recently, we launched the voting platform for this so the audience can choose the song that will be the Pick of the Week.  We have seen a lot more interaction from the fans, the audience. Getting the Artists to guest on our shows has never been a problem for us but seeing how the fans have become more active during the shows is really exciting and encouraging. More than just in the Philippines, there are people who interact online from Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East, and North America so our reach is growing. We are all open to all music made by Filipinos even if they are in different parts of the world. As long as they acknowledge their heritage and make original music, then we can feature them! 


MSA: Tell us more about the shows and programs you have.

 TL: We stream music 24/7 but every Monday to Thursday, we produce our own shows which are produced LIVE in our studio:

  • Celebrity Spin is LIVE every Monday at 8pm. This is where we get to invite non-music personalities and profile them through their OPM playlist. 
  • Java Jam is live every Monday at 9pm Manila time.
  • IT is about stripped down collaborations. We invite a well-known artist and ask them whom they want to jam with and we put them together so the result is often interesting.
  • Muchikahan is a show hosted by two highly respected Filipino musicians, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab and Jay Durias. Ryan is classically trained and Jay plays by ear. It is a music/talk show where we invite a variety of Artists from whatever genre and they perform and jam with Ryan and Jay. The result is always something fresh and different. We stream that every other Tuesday at 8pm.
  • Past Forward is the alternate Tuesday show hosted by Jim Paredes. He is a very successful songwriter and performer as part of the APO which had a 30-year plus career. This is a show where Jim talks about OPM History and is a real eye-opener. Very interesting, informative, and we get to have the legends in our music history come in to guest. That is priceless for us. 
  • Swag is out Hip Hop/RnB show LIVE every Tuesday at 10pm. Hosted by Q-York and Joy Hendrickson, this is where we get to showcase Artists from this genre which is generally ignored by the mainstream. So, it is a great venue to present so much untapped talent. 
  • Rock Bato is our weekly Pinoy rock show hosted by Basti Artadi, singer of Wolfgang. He is fantastic! This is a talk/performance show for all things rock. It is, by far, one of our strongest offerings. 
  • Live at 2299 is our virtual concert where anything goes. A whole range of artists have performed on this platform from rock acts like Sandwich, Imago, Tanya Markova, Spongecola to jazz acts like Yosha and SinosiKat. We also present pop acts lile Mig Ayesa, True Faith, Freestyle, Yeng Constantino, and Noel Cabangon. 


MSA: How can indie artists gain exposure from your site?

 TL: We are open to all artists as long as they are Filipino and produce original material. That said, of course, the mist basic deciding factor for us is that they have to be GOOD! We make no distinction whether they are signed, published, independent, up and coming, or established. They just have to be good and a good representation of what the Philippines has to offer.  


MSA: Are there any future plans that we should watch out for?

 TL: We are developing more polls, surveys, and interactive contests, a news show called Live Beat, an all-love song/ballad show called Sappy Love Letters, and a game show. On the ground, we are gearing up to present a music festival called DAGSA in November 2013. It will be in Dumaguete City which is a nice hub between North and South in the Philippines. That will be multiple stages and all our shows on each stage. We are also focusing on building and promoting our blogs, gallery, news pages, and our archive! If the deal with YouTube works out that could also be very exciting and something to look out for! 


To listen and know more about Radio Republic, you could head on over to and follow them on certain social media sites like Twitter (@radiorepublicph) and Facebook (Radio Republic PH).


* Interview done by Shirley de Guzman