News — January 22, 2014 at 2:50 am

Idina Menzel And Demi Lovato Go Head To Head For Oscar Awards


Idina Menzel singing ‘Let It Go’ may be the current Number 1 on the Philippines Top 30 chart, but her fans must wait and see which version – Idina’s or Demi Lovato’s – is performed at the Oscars.

‘Let It Go’ features in the worldwide hit Disney film, “Frozen”, and is sung beautifully by Idina in the movie. The American actress also provides the voice for Queen Elsa, the lead character in the film. However, for the soundtrack the producers asked Demi Lovato (who is also signed to Disney Records) to sing a version that was subsequently released as a single.

The song has recently been nominated for ‘Best Song’ at the 2014 Oscar ceremony in Hollywood. The question fans want to know is, WHO will sing the song if it wins the most prestigious award in the movie industry?

Idina’s fans have taken to Twitter using hashtag #teamidina demanding it is the multi-talented actress, who is also a singer and songwriter, who should perform if the song wins.

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Demi Lovato hasn’t responded yet but expect her fans to become more vocal as showtime approaches.