Dance / Electro, Festivals, News — May 24, 2016 at 4:11 pm

#ITS2016 – This is what a $500,000 boat party ticket gets you


You used to have to go to Vegas for flashy showings of ostentatious wealth, but now, thanks to It’s The Ship, you can take to the seas, surrounded by bikini-clad models and thumping EDM music to splash your cash around.



Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival took the crown for the most expensive festival tickets in the world last month, but It’s The Ship, the world’s second largest EDM cruise festival, has come intimidatingly close (but still, just can’t shake those second place blues).


Needless to say, for $500,000 USD, the package comes with a few perks. Whoever buys this ticket valued at the price of a small home gets another V added to their VIP status but that’s not all. The package includes such privileges as private jet transfers, usage of the most prestigious cabins on board, a one of a kind watch and a pre AND post IT’S THE SHIP holiday in Singapore. Truly, such an outrageous display of your wealth has never been so easy to acquire.


Some of the perks that JUST (we’re not kidding, the press release actually used the word ‘just’) USD $500,000 will get you:

  • Return private jet transfers for you and your five guests
  • Private shopping guide at Marina Bay Sands with USD$30,000 spending credit
  • Naming rights to a stage
  • Dedicated on call concierge service
  • Private IT’S THE SHIP Pre Party hosted under buyer’s name for all IT’S THE SHIP guests at Kyo
  • USD$10,000 beverage credit for buyer. Includes also a VVIP table at Kyo (because regular VIP is just so passe)
  • 20,000 casino credit
  • Private 5 minute fireworks display that you can detonate
  • A whole bunch (dare we say, ‘boat-load’) of booze


Scheduled to take place on November 4th until November 7th, you’ve still got some time to save your pennies. In fact, by our estimation, if you save up roughly $21,700 per week to put into your piggy bank, it could be you going baller on a boat. Get saving!


In the meantime, here’s what went down on Asia’s biggest party at sea last year: