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Justin Bieber Graffiti Is ‘very very silly’ Says Town Mayor Who Orders Him To Clean It Up


Australia: Justin Bieber has been told by town Mayor he must clean the graffiti he sprayed on a hotel wall and told what he has done is ‘very very silly’ !

During his current Australian tour Justin Bieber sprayed a hotel wall with graffiti after, the hotel has admitted on their Facebook, they invited the 19yr old singer to leave his mark. However, the mayor of the Gold Coast resort, Tony Tate, has taken a different view and demanded the singer to clean up the ‘mess’. 

“We’ve all been young once,” Mayor Tate told the Brisbane Courier-Mail. “But by the sounds of it, he’s gone and done something really, really silly. But he’s got an opportunity to make good … I urge him to treat this city the way Gold Coast fans treat him.”

“The last thing we want is to have graffiti glorified and more young people thinking it’s a cool thing to do,’ he said.

However, in a further twist the hotel said Justin had been a perfect guest and they actually wanted to promote graffiti as an art form. They invite guests to share examples of their work and if they’re selected, as presumably Justin was, they get a wall to spray their work.

Justin Bieber Graffiti

justin bieber graffiti australia

Mayor has ordered Justin Bieber to remove the graffiti and calls singer ‘very very silly’

But the mayor was having none of it.  “The city has a zero tolerance approach to graffiti,” a mayoral spokesman said. “The mayor will contact the hotel to say that if Justin Bieber does not want to use the free graffiti removal kit left with him, then the hotel is expected to use it. If not, we will send council compliance officers to ensure the mess is taken care of.” 

Justin Bieber’s tour arrived in Australia after a tumultuous tour of South America, that involved cancelled concerts, an apology to Argentina and another graffiti incident in Brazil.

Justin Bieber is currently No. 9 in the Top 30 Asia Indonesia chart with ‘PYD’

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