News — January 8, 2015 at 10:16 am

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Photo Shoot Sets The Internet Ablaze


2014 was a busy year for the Biebs. On the back of a suspected DUI in Miami and drag racing allegations his jet was held at a New Jersey airport for smelling like pot. Finally in In June, a four-year-old video surfaced showing Bieber singing the N-word… In between his tumultuous love life, there is no question that Justin Bieber was looking forward to a brand new 2015.


Barely a week into the new year and the Biebs seems to have gotten his wish with the internet buzzing about his new Calvin Klein Photo shoot and officially becoming the new face of Calvin Klein:

Cue Beliebers around the world to lose their collective minds.

In reality, we can’t say that this comes as too much of a surprise. There were certainly some indications at the Fashion Rocks show telecast on CBS that saw Bieber say ‘I don’t feel comfortable unless I’m in my Calvins. So, what’s up? Is that cool?’ before stripping down to his Calvin Klein trunks. I don’t know about you, but I don’t  think I’d feel strongly enough about my choice of underwear to strip down to them in front of a national audience.  

Bieber goes on to suggest that he manifested the whole thing by a simple Instagram post earlier last year. In an interview with US Weekly he said “Earlier this year, I put up a picture on Instagram of me in their boxer briefs with the #mycalvins tag, and people went crazy for it and it got their attention.”

Bieber isn’t the first shirtless hunk to take his kit off for an ad campaign.Mark Wahlberg famously stripped down to his underwear for an ad campaign in 1992 and more recently Nick Jonas took his kit off for Calvin Klein. American music media outlet Billboard has even taken it to a vote as to who has the hottest Calvin Kleins underwear ad. Click through to cast your vote.