News — December 7, 2014 at 1:22 pm

K-Pop Superstars EXO Big Winners At MNET Music Awards


It has not been a year without controversy for EXO. The famed Korean-Chinese super-group has been marred by legal problems with EXO-M’s leader Kris and Luhan both reportedly launching lawsuits against their management to have their contracts nullified and leaving the group.


But despite a tumultuous year, the now 10 man group have emerged as the big winners of the night during the 2014 MNET music awards on December 3, collecting a slew of awards during the awards ceremony. They were awarded ‘Album of the Year’ for Overdose as well as receiving the Asian Style Award being named Best Male Group and Asian Artists of the Year.


It is a triumphant effort and a clear indication that their fans (referred to by the group as EX)-L) have not lost any of their love for the band with more than 68 million people voting in the awards. Touching on the difficulties faced during the year Park Chan-Yeol said that 2014 was “a very hard year for EXO” with a special mention to their supporters with a “thank you to everyone that helped the band.”