News — November 4, 2013 at 7:00 pm

Katy Perry Reveals Mick Jagger Hit On Her


Australia: Katy Perry’s latest single Roar has previously been a Number One hit in the Music Weekly Top 30 Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines charts. But now the US pop singer, currently being seen out with John Mayer, has revealed to her fans in Asia Pacific that the British rock legend, Mick Jagger, hit on her when she was “only, like, 18”. We thought it was ex-Stone Bill Wyman who had a thing for the younger lady (remember Mandy Smith?), but now it appears the Rolling Stone’s frontman 70-year old Sir Mick tried it on with the gorgeous Katy when she was only a teenager. 

She told the sensational news on an Australian radio show, leaving her DJ hosts audibly speechless. Of course, Mick’s “people” have denied everything. We can’t wait to see Katy back in Southeast Asia so we can ask her more.

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