News — July 8, 2015 at 2:17 pm

Ladybaby will change everything you thought you knew about J-pop


The country that brought you salmon flavoured candy, square watermelons and some of the wackiest TV shows in the universe have delivered again.  Ladybaby is the bizarre combination of kawai and metal and J-pop will never be the same again.



Fronted by Australian born professional wrestler, cosplayer, metal singer and beard enthusiast Ladybeard, the group deliver a bizarrely infectious blend of Japanese pop with hard edged metal riffs. The band also features junior idols Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya in a choreographed hybrid between Japanese pop culture and metal, reminiscent in many ways of Babymetal (just with a giant, hairy Australian man to offset the cuteness).


When you’re feeling kawaii and manly as hell at the same time.

The group released their first music video  “Nippon Manju” (“Japanese Bun”), an ode to all the things they love about Japan and they are set to release their first full album at the end of this month.


Of course a lot of it doesn’t really make sense, but then again, with a premise like Ladybaby’s I guess we shouldn’t have expected too much else. Just check out these lyrics:

“Enjoy, enjoy
Please enjoy and taste many Japanese products,
Love us from top to bottom,
Even when you’re not feeling well, smile
and you can gain popularity, money and power”