News — March 27, 2016 at 2:24 pm

This is the most Rock and roll thing you’ll see all day


dutch-punk-singer-beerWhilst most of the world have their eyes firmly set on Bonnaroo, the festival highlight of the weekend has to go to Pinkpop Festival via David Achter de Molen. Though his name may not be familiar for most of us, he’s the lead singer of Dutch punk rock band John Coffey, inexplicably named after a character from The Green Mile and he pulled off probably the coolest stunt in the history of music.

While taking a break from performing to walk atop the crowd, a beer was hurled towards de Molen, who manages to catch it in mid air, finishes the rest of the brew before casually tossing the cup away. *Cue rapturous applause from anyone who’s hands he’s not standing on*.

The whole thing is so flippant, like he does this all the time. It’s truly a feat of athleticism that puts the rest of the human race to shame. Watch below as de Molen claims the title of “coolest human being alive.” Even if things don’t work out so well for de Molen with the whole band thing, he may well have a future in the NFL, or whatever the Dutch equivalent is.