News — June 1, 2015 at 6:19 pm

Lock up your daughters… Chris Brown is coming to the Philippines



26 year old rapper is Chris Brown is set to hit (ahem) the stage on July 21, finally coming good on his promise to return to the Philippines after not bothering to turn up for his New Years eve performance last year. Here’s why we won’t be there.


It’s amazing how the PR machine works in the music industry. How the press can call someone a “controversial R&B superstar” when what they really mean is an unrepentant convicted felon, who plead guilty to nearly beating his girlfriend into unconsciousness. A drug addict that is in and out of rehab like it’s a revolving door and only just got off probation is considered ‘edgy’ and has a ‘bad boy’ streak.


In case anyone needs reminding, this is Rihanna’s mutilated face after America’s favourite “badboy” had finished with her. “Oh, give it up,” I hear some of you say – “really, hasn’t enough time passed?” and that we can’t continue to shame him forever. The trouble is there’s no statute of limitations on being a horrific human being.



The truth is, everyone loves a story of redemption. So often we like to see fallen stars rise above their situation, to make positive and demonstrable changes in their life. But Brown has not shown himself to be repentant – he’s not changed his ways and hasn’t aimed to better himself as a person. In 2011 he smashed a window and stormed out of the Good Morning America studios shirtless because he was asked a question about Rihanna. Clearly this is not a person ready to take responsibility for his actions.


But his repetitively falling fist first into Rihanna’s face isn’t his only trouble with the law  – in 2012 he was involved in a hit and run, driving away after refusing to provide his name, drivers and insurance information. After a ‘civil compromise’ suddenly the charges were dropped, which if you can read between the lines, basically means he paid his way out of it. In 2013 he was charged with breaking a man’s nose outside a Washington hotel and charged with assault and then in 2105, after 4 people were shot at his performance authorities searched his car after an anonymous tip off. There’s an ongoing pattern here – This is not a guy you even want on the streets, let alone welcoming into your country.


Violence against women is a huge issue and the Philippines has some shocking levels of abuse. Statistically, one in five Filipino women aged between 15 – 49 has experienced physical violence since the age of 15. Accepting and promoting a violent thug like Chris Brown gives tacit endorsement that his actions are appropriate. Every record sold, every ticket purchased says that if you have enough money or talent then this is acceptable behaviour. Violence against women has no place in our society and Chris Brown has reaffirmed his position as a violent thug time and time again. Music should spread a message of positivity, unity and equality and Brown certainly does not reflect these values.



As though his predilection towards violence isn’t enough, Brown didn’t show up for his past scheduled performance in Manilla because he… wait for it… lost his passport a day before the concert. Oh but his representatives only informed Maligaya Development Corp. on the day of the event. But luckily Brown, being the honorable human being that he is, decided to return his appearance fee seeing as he didn’t actually perform. Well, ah… no, he didn’t do that either, electing instead to keep his cash leaving local representative Mike Roda of Pinnacle Live concepts in the unenviable situation of having to make a wishy washy statement that Brown “would aim to come (to Manila) on tour at some point… (but) no plans just yet.” Well, Manilla, I guess that time has come but we for one, won’t be attending.


Don’t let a Grammy award let you lose sight of what the issue at hand is here. Chris Brown is a poor excuse for a human and his very presence in the Philippines is a statement that violence against women is acceptable in our culture.