News — February 10, 2015 at 11:43 am

Mandopop Singer Jay Chou Marries For The Second Time In Three Weeks



Just a few short weeks since their regal wedding ceremony in Selby Abbey, Yorkshire, singer Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan have just held a second wedding in the luxury hotel W Taipei.


The ceremony was reported to be for his elderly maternal grandmother, who was unable to take the flight to England for the couple’s ceremony last month. Aged in her 90s she said that Chou was the first of her grandchildren to be married and she was very happy to attend the wedding.


Quinlivan, adorned in a gorgeous white wedding gown, walked the down the aisle with Chou, with their insanely cute dog (wearing an electric blue tuxedo that matched Chou’s own) nestled between their arms. The couple walked to the tune of Chou’s own song “A Journey Diary About Love” playing in the background.


The first wedding was a glamorous affair, only attended by the closest of family and friends, so this second ceremony was a chance to have a little more fun with the event. A circus theme was apparent across the event with the wedding held under a giant big top flanked by red and white striped columns. A luxurious red carpet was laid across an elevated platform that went across the swimming pool which led to a stage that featured two wooden horses.


The couple posed for photos cutting a huge medieval fairytale style castle together and the festive theme was completed with popcorn, cotton candy and games.


Amongst the celebrities in attendance were singers Fei Yu-ching and Jody Chiang, TV host Chang Fei, actor Eric Tsang and hostesses Matilda Tao and Chang Hsiao-yen.