News — January 27, 2014 at 7:39 pm

Maudy Ayunda By Your Side Reaches Number One And Sneak Video Photos Revealed


Maudy Ayunda and David Choi are this week’s No. 1 single on the Indonesia Top 3o chart, with their duet song ‘By My Side’. 

The Indonesian star, who has just returned from her studies at Oxford University in England, released the new track last week to the delight of her growing fanbase, who call themselves the ‘Maudears’. 

The lyrics are perfectly suited to the duet performance with David Choi and reflect the romantic side of Maudy. As she sings the lines, “I just wanna hold you / I just wanna kiss you / I just wanna love you all my life” the song encapsulates the feelings of a young couple deeply in love. 

Maudy recently posted a series of photos taken at the video shoot for ‘By My Side’. Fans are eagerly waiting for the video to be released on YouTube, but the images provide a good indication of the playful nature of the video and show Maudy and David laughing and looking in to each others eyes as they perform the track.





Throughout the photos we can see that a suitcase features prominently. Perhaps this is a reflection of the length of time Maudy has spent away from home in the United Kingdom, and the extensive traveling she has been doing. Being so far away from home for such a long time has probably had an effect on Maudy, which is reflected in the heavy prominence of luggage and wanting to be by the side of the people she loves.




Maudy also posted photos showing behind the scenes during the video shoot. One photo shows Maudy wearing a delicate pink dress while rehearsing on an acoustic guitar. 


In photo taken from behind the cameras we can see Maudy in front of a “green screen”, which is used to insert special effects in to the video. 


The final shot shows Maudy having her hair cared for before the filming. She has a flower in her hair, which is a delicate pink and matches her dress. 



Maudy Ayunda By Your Side